Monday, July 2, 2012

Polar Express

 All Aboard the Polar Express!!
Both of my boys have been in love
with trains so every year we try 
and make it to ride the Christmas
train! It puts us in the Christmas spirit!
It's not a real long ride, which is a 
good thing, we get hot chocolate and
view Christmas lights along the way. 
I always bring twas the night before 
Christmas to read and blankets so we
can cuddle and keep each other warm.
 Waiting in the freezing cold to board the train.
 Trev met one of his friends from school
there Holiday, and offered for her to come
warm up too!! He's already got skills! lol
They were adorable. They just sat there
and had their little conversations.
 We also met up with Ashur!!
 So excited to be on the train!!
Choo Choo!!
 The 3 amigos

Here are the boys waving to all the cars
as we pass by on the train! Cruz was most
excited this year. He was just a baby the 
last time he rode so this was pretty special
to him!! Loved seeing all their faces light up!
We didn't take too many pics because on the 
way back poor Cruz choked really bad on
part of a candy cane wrapper! I was scared
to death. He wound up throwing up everywhere.
It was horrible. I was just so thankful he got
it up. Scary moment for me. Of course after
we all settled down I couldn't help  but laugh.
When you have kiddos, you have to be 
prepared for anything!!Hopefully next year
will go much smoother!!

Fayetteville Lights of the Ozarks

 The Castleberry 5th annual lights on the
 square! We try and pick the warmest night 
we can during the week when it's not so busy 
to go enjoy all the lights and activities!  These 
pics are from the carriage ride around 
the square.
 Snuggle time with my monkey!!
 The boys love to go on the pony rides each 
year. Their faces light up when they get to 
ride one of the ponies.
 See what I mean? That is his poppy's smirk!
He's so happy, which makes momma so happy!
 Something new we discovered while we were 
there, Cruz loves hot chocolate!! He 
turned into a little hot chocolate monster!
 I thought the ponies were going to be
 the biggest hit of the night, but nope. 
It was the light sabers! They begged and 
begged for one til we gave in. They were 
so excited about them it was hard to
 say no!! lol
 So they ran around the square acting like ninja's
the rest of the night.

 We got to pet and help feed a reindeer! Trev
decided it was prancer. One of our favorite
Christmas movies is prancer so it was fitting.

My sweet family! Can't believe we are about 
to celebrate Christmas! I feel like we
just had Christmas a couple months ago!! 
Time flies when your having fun!

Gingerbread House

 We've had our baths, now ready to make a 
Gingerbread House!!! The boys love this
activity because it involves CANDY!!
 We started out with the little gingerbread man
and frosty the snowman.
 It was so sweet to watch this little guy!!
He decorated Frosty the snowman. He
is in love with Frosty. We sing Frosty every
night and watch the cartoon everyday!! 
He did such a great job!!
 And was very proud of his work.
 Cute pic of the boys!!
 Trevor worked bery hard on his gingerbread man.
We've been reading the book gingerbread baby
so he was really into this.
 Also very proud of his work!!
 Now, to put the house together. Momma helped
assemble it. But the decorating is up to the boys!!
They were sneaking candy the whole time so we 
may not have enough for the house!! lol

Our house turned out just perfect!! So
blessed to make wonderful memories 
with my amazing family!!

Poor Cruz!!

 Time to put up the tree!! Of course we always
make this a family project but our little helpers
are easily sidetracked!! This year we turn around
to see this!!
 Poor Cruz being wrapped in our mesh decor.
I'm sure Trevor made this sound like a great
Cruz will do about anything at least 
once. He's my fearless little guy.
He played along for a little bit 
But it didn't last long!! Time to get
the poor kid outta there!!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Cruz's first haircut

 My sweet curly headed baby!! I didn't think
i would EVER cut these curls!! 
The "before" pic
 Look at that crazy hair! lol
Sucker- check
cape- check

 The first snip!! This was VERY hard for momma!

 Being such a good boy!!
 The "after" pic
Look at this adorable face!!

Way to go Cruz!!

A super hero Halloween

 Our neighborhood is a great place for trick or
treating!! Every year friends and family
meet up at our house so we can all go together.
This year our theme was superheros!! I think
my very favorite so far!!
 I just love love this pic of Cruz!! 
He wasn't a fan of wearing his mask so this is
probably the best pic I got of him.
 Trevor and his best friend Maggie!
 Tryston and Trevor with baby Beckham!!
 The beautiful Bat Girls!!
 I know!! ADORABLE!!!!
The Hulk and Captain America were too cute.
They made out with a ton of candy!!
 My little superheros!!
 Trick or Treat!!
 This was the "spooky" house!! Definitely the 
kiddos favorite. They like to be scared! haha

After a great night of trick or treating
with friends and family, it was time
to take the loot home and see what we
collected! Of course I would never "check"
the candy and take a couple of my favorites....
Any good ideas for next year theme?