Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Santa Pics

Christmas meets Halloween

The Santa picture story:
T had asked to go see Santa one day while we were
at the mall. I replied with "not today bubba, I am 
going to dress you and your brother up and come 
back so we can get your picture with Santa."
So, a week goes by and the day arrives to go see the
big man. I had laid out the boys their skinny jeans,
cute little Gap sweaters and their converse. I started
to dress the boys and T says, "MOM!"  you told me we 
were going to get dressed up to go see Santa?" I said "we
are baby, that's what were doing." He replies with "I was
going to dress up in  my  spiderman costume." 
I mean, what are you supposed to say to that. He 
totally thought when I said dress up I meant dress 
them up in a costume. I tried a little coaxing to get 
him to wear the sweater and skinnys but he really had
his heart set on wearing spiderman so I went with it.
I put Cruz in Trev's baby Jack Jack costume he wore for 
his first Halloween, T put his spiderman costume on
and we headed to the mall. Needless to say we were the
only people dressed for Halloween in line to go see Santa 
but man, we will look back in a few years and laugh so
hard at this picture. What a great memory!!!! 
I love my sweet funny little babies!!!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Some Christmas pics

and many more to come......
I'm learning how to edit photos and am having a BLAST!!
Pictures are a passion of mine so why not put that to good
use. I'll post some unedited pics of the boys in their adorable
Christmas jammies too. They are too cute!!!