Monday, November 28, 2011

today is your very first day of pre-school!
You are  excited (which makes mommy 
feel better) to start this new chapter in 
your life. You haven't been  able to sleep at
night your so excited. You are just like your
mommy and love to sleep, (I'm not gonna lie, 
I don't  know how I'm gonna have us up and
around by 8am!) but this morning I came in
your room to wake you up and you said
"Is it my first day of school right now?" I told 
you yes and you just hopped right up out of
bed!!  Really, Ive never seen you get around 
so fast. I hope the rest of the year continues
this way. :) Mommy and bubba walked you into
class and got you all situated. I've never just
dropped you off somewhere and left you, 
other than family members houses so I didn't
know what to do?! I still know a lot of people
who work in the nursery so I thought I'd wonder
over there for a minute. While I was visiting with 
a friend, Cruz walked  out of the hallway doors
. I went to get him and found him wondering
around calling out "bubba". I picked him up and 
he looked at me with a  puzzled look and ask
"where bubba go?" Neither one of us knows
what to do with ourselves!! But, we sucked
it up, finally left the school and said  a prayer
for you, (even though Cruz and I were the ones
we should have prayed for) Can't wait to pick
you up everyday after school  and see what you
did that day!! Your so social, outgoing and smart
I know your going to do great.
We love you so much. Now get to work Einstein!

 Aubrie Noelle Nash
My niece Aubrie was born July 29th. Being the
amateur photographer that I am, I snapped a
few of pics of her when she was 3 weeks old.
This is the only edited one due to my lightroom
being down! :( I'll edited some and post more
later. She is just an adorable baby!! So
excited she is finally here!!

Meet the teacher

Trevor on meet the teacher morning!!!!
God is soo good!! Trevor is starting 
Shiloh Christan pre-school!!! I 
wasn't sure if we were gonna be
able to swing but God made it
all work out!! When we decided 
it was something we were gonna 
be able to do, it was the week before 
school started. I went ahead and 
called the school expecting to be 
put on a waiting list. The man that
I spoke with was amazing. He informed
me that he thought they had 1 spot left 
open. We filled out our application that
afternoon. He called back and said he 
found a spot for Trevor and that orientation
was that evening and we should try and make it.
I cancelled my appointments for the night
and John and I headed to the church!! I was
so exited about this new adventure!! That
night I was reassured we made the right choice
to send Trev there and that is also where God
wanted Trev!! We found out that night who
Trevor would have for teacher. He has Mrs.
George!! One of the sweetest women I know.
We kept her boys in the nursery at church when
they were babies!! I could not be happier!! 
The next morning Trev got to meet his teacher.

Trev didn't have to wear his backpack
but he insisted!! He was in school
mode!! He looked like such a big
boy all packed up and ready!!

Trevor's name tag at school!! The room's theme is
monkey's!! Adorable and very fitting for my
little Trevor
Mrs. George had a piece of paper set out
and a tray full of alphabet stickers. The kids
had to find the letters in their name and 
spell it out on the paper.
Daddy help sort through some of the
WOW!! I can't believe we are doing this!!
When I held Trev in my arms for the very
first time, all this seemed so far away!!
But the time has gone by really fast 
and here we are!! Ready for school. 
Trev is REALLY excited and ready to
start school and daddy and I are excited
to see our sweet boy grow over this
next year!! So many fun things in store!!
Trevor's cubby!! Love his little backpack
hanging up in there. Precious!
After making T's name we looked around the room
at the fun things he was going to get to do there. Mrs.
George has a reading center so we sat down and
read a book together.
Trev made a friend there and they played some games
that were out together. He is going to have the time
of his life. First day of school, next Wednesday!!

Last teeball game

 Ready to get on the field!!
 Trev was catcher at his last game. He was 
catcher a couple different times and
became very good at it. He said he 
liked when he plays catcher!!

 Running in a score!! Oh yea baby!!

 last hit of the season!!! :(
 Trev's coach handing out trophy's!! 
I think the snacks after every game
and the trophies are Trevor's favorite 
part of playing sports right now!

 So proud!!

The entire family and friends enjoyed Trev
playing ball. Trevor had a blast!! He 
said he wants to play ball again and is
very sad season is over. He told me
"well mom, now I'm ready for soccer
to start" with a big grin on his face!!
 I felt like i lived at the ball fields
but I think that is something i just better
get use to. Having two boys, we might 
as well plan on moving into the concession
stand!! Blessed beyond belief!!!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cruz's lip gloss massacre

 It got a little too quite around my house. I went
looking for my Cruz and found him here!! Going
through mommy's purse ( one of his favorite things
to do) and found her lip gloss! All I could do
was laugh and grab the camera!! I mean, look at
that adorable face!! How am I suppose to get
mad at that??!!

 This one is my favorite!! He just looks so proud 
of himself. This kiddo keeps me on my toes!!
His nickname is Dennis the Menace or Mayhem.
But I wouldn't change his little personality for
the world. Not a day goes by that he doesn't
make me break out in a sweat and laugh 
until I cry!

Oh yeah! Up the nose we go!!
 Happy Fourth of July
 took the boys to watch fireworks at our
church! I love love the fourth of July.
They boys get so excited to see fireworks.
 Love this pic!! They are the sweetest, cutest
boys ever!!! Didn't get many pics. Got to
 eating grass!! what else would my mayehm be 
 The next night was time to do the annual firework
show at the castleberry's!!  Look how happy Cruz is.
He really got into the fireworks this year. It was so
cute to see his expressions!!
 My 2 favorite little guys!! I'm blessed beyond belief!!
 Trev's fav are the fireworks that shoot out the army
man on a parachute. He loves to chase it down so
he can catch it!! Something he really looks forward to
every year!!
 Love this face!!
 I bought all the kids an American flag to wave
around. Cruz loved it and still won't give it
up. He swung that thing around all night long!!
God Bless America!!
 setting up for the show. We pretty much entertain
our entire street!! They guys have a lot fun
getting together and blowing things up I guess?!!
Once again too dark for any camera action. Last pic
for the night. Cruz dancing in the street waving his
little flag around!! We are so lucky!! Thank you to 
all the men and women, and their families, 
who serve or who have
served in our military!!

Trevor's first tee ball game

Trevor's first tee ball team.
He is the youngest and smallest on his team. 
Can't wait to see everything he learns!!!
 The boys trying to see what their numbers were.
warming up
 First pre-game pep talk with coach 
of the year!! Trev looks so cute in
the middle of the huddle. 
 Tryston's first time up to bat.
 Trev's first time up to bat
 It was a great hit!! So proud buddy!
 First time to score ever in tee ball!!! 
And many more to come! The boy 
that was behind Trev was the oldest on
the team and caught  up to Trev very 
quickly running the bases. It was so
funny. It happened to whole  game.
  LOL Little Trev was running as fast
as he could and Parker would come
right up on him. Super funny.
 What a stud. The ump thought Trev 
was the coolest kid ever. Look at 
the smile he's giving Trev. Trevor 
refused to wear to his hat the
right way for over half the season.
He said "It isn't cool to wear your
hat like that". "You either wear it
over on this side, or this side".
"Just like teenagers do it mom!"
So, I told the coach it was his call 
on which way he should wear his hat.
Sports are teaching the kids respect
and discipline at this age and didn't 
want to miss out on that. Coach didn't
care so Trev wore his hat either cocked 
to one side or the other, or wore it 
backwards. Love this kid!!
 Good job team!!
Tee ball for this age has to be the funniest thing
you will ever watch in your life. I loved every
single hysterical moment. Can't wait for all his 
other games!! Even if it is 100 degrees outside. :)
 Some friends came to watch his game and ran out
on the field for a five from the players. Trev
thought he was so cool!!! He had a blast at his
first game!! Great experience!!
 But it was really hard work playing ball in that
And it was really hard work making mommy chase
me around all day!! It's hard to be a kid!!

I had so much fun but think I need to bring a
baby sitter with me next time. Keeping up 
 with Cruz, taking pictures of the game and
trying to watch the game was a bit of a 
challenge!! I'm sore I'll have it down 
to and art by the time the season is over!!
Wish us luck!!