Sunday, November 27, 2011

Trevor 5th birthday!


Happy Birthday sweet baby!!!
April 16th. My baby Trevor's birthday. We asked 
Trevor what he wanted to do on his birthday this
year. It happen to land on the Arkansas Razorback
red/white game. So Trevor requested to go out to
eat at the "peanut place" (Logan's) and then 
head to the red/white game!! It's his day so 
off we go!! :)
 Trevor was super excited to be at the Razorback 
football game!! This is him at hog stadium.
 Trevor's friend Lilly came to celebrate and 
watch the game with us!!
 Call those hogs!!!
 Felix Jones and Darren Mcfadden came to the game.
We couldn't find Darren but we found Felix!! We 
are also big Cowboys fans so this was perfect!! 
We asked Felix if we could get a birthday pic with
him and he was super cool with it!! Made Trev's
 Our friend Ben Cleveland (a former Razorback)
came to celebrate with Trev too!! The boys 
love Ben!!

 My beautiful Cruz with his hog tat on!! Work 
it baby!!!!
 It wasn't long though before the boys lost interest
in the game and found interest in the girls!! Oh Lord,
pray for me now!! This is Cruz's little girlfriend 
CeCe!! They are so cute!!

 Trev and his friend Lilly played games on our phones.
They were in their own little world!! 

 Cruz took a little cat nap. He looks so precious!!
 Daddy was calling the hogs with his baby boy.
These are some of the sweetest memories for me.
Thankful for the little things!!
 Mommy and her favorite little boys!!
 After the game we came home so Trev could open
his birthday present from mom and dad!!
 He got a Leapster Explorer!! His face was priceless
when he opened it!!
 Love it!!
Trev, mommy and daddy love you so much.
I can't believe your already 5!! The time is
flying by. I pray for you every day. I want 
you to know that. I pray that you become 
a man of God. That your happy, healthy 
and confident. You are a very special 
little boy. God blessed you with so many
neat talents. You can use these to do and 
become anything you want to be. Trust and
obey God through your life journey, he will
never steer you wro

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