Monday, November 28, 2011

today is your very first day of pre-school!
You are  excited (which makes mommy 
feel better) to start this new chapter in 
your life. You haven't been  able to sleep at
night your so excited. You are just like your
mommy and love to sleep, (I'm not gonna lie, 
I don't  know how I'm gonna have us up and
around by 8am!) but this morning I came in
your room to wake you up and you said
"Is it my first day of school right now?" I told 
you yes and you just hopped right up out of
bed!!  Really, Ive never seen you get around 
so fast. I hope the rest of the year continues
this way. :) Mommy and bubba walked you into
class and got you all situated. I've never just
dropped you off somewhere and left you, 
other than family members houses so I didn't
know what to do?! I still know a lot of people
who work in the nursery so I thought I'd wonder
over there for a minute. While I was visiting with 
a friend, Cruz walked  out of the hallway doors
. I went to get him and found him wondering
around calling out "bubba". I picked him up and 
he looked at me with a  puzzled look and ask
"where bubba go?" Neither one of us knows
what to do with ourselves!! But, we sucked
it up, finally left the school and said  a prayer
for you, (even though Cruz and I were the ones
we should have prayed for) Can't wait to pick
you up everyday after school  and see what you
did that day!! Your so social, outgoing and smart
I know your going to do great.
We love you so much. Now get to work Einstein!

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