Thursday, February 11, 2010

So sweet

At story time tonight Trev asked to hold baby
Cruz (even though Cruz is half his size) and
how can I say no to that. I love how great
T is with C. He loves to baby him. He helped
me feed Cruz with the spoon the other day
and after gagging him the first time, I
taught him how to do it a little gentler and
he did great. He is mommy's big helper!

When Moms away, the boy will play

I had to work pretty late Tuesday night. I got home around 8:40. As soon
as my little love bug heard the door open, he ran into the kitchen shouting
"mom, come look what I did" I thought oh no, what did he do. As I am
following T back to his room I found myself thinking of all the things I
might should prepare myself for, broken furniture, a hole in the wall,
paint or crayons lord only knows where...........
When we got to is room this is what I saw

Oh, just his entire book collection on the floor.
Not as bad as I thought. There were no torn
pages and the room was in still tact.

Where was dad during all of this?
Cooking dinner. Men can only do
one thing at a time. Watch the kids
and cook? What! Sorry guys but
you know it's true. ha ha

Okay, so maybe he didn't drag all of his
books down. There were still a few left
on the shelf.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Sleep over

Pirate Tryston

Trevor's cousin Tryston spent the night at our
house one day last week. Just behind on posting.
They dressed up in pirate and spiderman costumes
and had so much fun. I love how close they are and
all the memories they will have as they grow up together
and not to mention all the blackmail pics and video
I will accumulate over these years. ha ha

Spidey Trevor
Tryston was so hilarious. He was really
in character all night long. He really hammed
it up for the camera.
Told ya

Tryston's face makes me laugh every time I
look at this picture.
The goofballs didn't go to sleep until 12:15
that night. I was cool with them playing after
I put them to bed until we hit about 11:30. Then
I had to threaten to split them up before they would
calm down. Then the little turds got up at 7:15.
When I took them to Mi Mi's house the next day,
which was around 11:00 in the afternoon, Tryston
said "mi mi, is it time for our naps yet?" Mi mi
got a kick out of that.

Quotes of the day

John had a guys night out Saturday night
so the boys and I had a movie night in.
I told him the boys were sleeping with me
and he could sleep on the couch whenever
he rolled in. At 5:00 in the morning, Cruz
woke up for a bottle which woke up my
little T. He looked out the window and saw it
wasn't daylight yet and said "Mom, is time to
wake up yet?" I said no baby it is not time to
get up yet. He looked at me so seriously and
said "then why are your eyes open?"

We are doing the your baby can read program with
the boys. Trevor is into sounding out words
right now which if you didn't know Trev you
would think he had a stutter. It's really cute though
and I'm proud of him for picking things up so quickly.
He was talking to Cruz today and was sounding out
the letter "D". He said Da Da Da, biscuits! I thought
what? Biscuits? I was expecting dog or door but where he came
up with biscuits is beyond me. I would love to be in a 3 year
olds head sometimes.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Trevor has been asking for a spider man
costume for a long time and I kept saying
if you are on good behavior we'll get you
a spidey costume. We have always taught
him that you have to earn privileges through
good behavior. So the other day he asked again
and said "I've been on good behavior"
How can I say no, he's really earned it.
We wore our costume all day that day including
the trip to Hobby Lobby. Very cute.
He wore it to gymnastics the next day too. Watch out
guys you never know when spidey might show up (or where)

Watch out for the mighty web spin.

As soon as we got the costume on and
I took a couple of pics, he ran to the
bathroom to see how cool he looked.

Daddy put his costume on for him.
We just love his age. He loves to play
in his costumes and uses his imagination
all the time. You never know what story you'll

A few minutes after he played in his costume, he
came up to me, had me pick him up, gave me a
big hug and said thanks for buying me my costume
mom. He already knows how to melt a girls heart.

Winter Storm


Here are a few pics of what my living
room looked like when we were gearing
up for the storm.

The boys played and had so much fun
together with our little "camp out"
Just look at them, they love each other
so much!!

Cruzy just loves to watch his brother.
He laughs at Trev all the time. One of
my favorite things in life is watching
them interact with each other. I can
have a bad day, come home and see
these two and know all in the world is

Trev is kicked back watching some
cartoons in his boxers. Our new obsession.
He has to wear boxers now everyday so
he doesn't have to pull them down to go pee.
Such a man already...Lazy. haha

Mattress- check
Fire- check
Trevor- check
Cruz- check

Just in case the electricity went
out we drug the mattress in the
living room so we would all be warm
and cozy by the fire. We called a
"camp out" and the boys loved it.
If their happy, I'm happy

Trev had a great time jumping from
the couch to the bed. Who wouldn't?
He was pretending to be spiderman.


We were heading over to my parents house
on one of the snow days this last weekend.
I got T's coat out of the closet and went in the
the living room where he was watching t.v
and said "Trev, lets get your coat put on"
Trevor: No, I don't want to put on my coat,
I'm too fat in it.
What he meant by that was it's too bulky but this
is how he explained it and I thought it was too cute!!