Monday, February 8, 2010

Quotes of the day

John had a guys night out Saturday night
so the boys and I had a movie night in.
I told him the boys were sleeping with me
and he could sleep on the couch whenever
he rolled in. At 5:00 in the morning, Cruz
woke up for a bottle which woke up my
little T. He looked out the window and saw it
wasn't daylight yet and said "Mom, is time to
wake up yet?" I said no baby it is not time to
get up yet. He looked at me so seriously and
said "then why are your eyes open?"

We are doing the your baby can read program with
the boys. Trevor is into sounding out words
right now which if you didn't know Trev you
would think he had a stutter. It's really cute though
and I'm proud of him for picking things up so quickly.
He was talking to Cruz today and was sounding out
the letter "D". He said Da Da Da, biscuits! I thought
what? Biscuits? I was expecting dog or door but where he came
up with biscuits is beyond me. I would love to be in a 3 year
olds head sometimes.

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