Thursday, October 29, 2009 seemed like a good idea at the time

We had a play date with my friend Erin
and her two babies Kelsie and Tate.
Kelsie had climbed over the baby gate and was
getting something off the stairs so I asked
her to get down. She listned and climbed back
over the gate empty handed. I turned my back
for a couple of minutes and came back to find
Kelsie's head stuck in the stairs. I figured whatever
she was after on the stairs she was determined
to get and stuck her head in between the rails
to try and reach it. Erin and I tried to get her
head out but were more worried about trying to
keep her calm. We called Kelsie's daddy who was
thankfully just a couple minutes away and told him
we needed help. He came in like a man on a
mission (which he was) broke the rail to get
her out and saved the day. I don't think Kelsie
will be doing that again any time soon.
I couldn't resist a Kodak moment.
We eventually had to flip her over so
her head was facing up to make her
stop trying to pull her head back out.
I kept talking to her about her papa
to keep her calm and actually had
her laughing at one point.

Cruz and Tate just hanging out baggin
some zzzzzz's.

Beautiful faces

We had dinner at Aunt Whittney's house
sunday night. The kids wanted me to
paint their faces and how can I say
no to these three cute little faces?
This is something I've never done before
so I need to do a some brushing up on
my face painting skills as you can see
from the pictures. lol
Trynity Grace wanted to be a lion
Tryston wanted to paint his face like a
spider web.

Trevor thought Tryston's face was cool
and also wanted a spider web. The black
crayon broke on me and I had to use these
little bitty pieces to finish Trev's. Okay,
these may not be the best paintings but I
can assure you we had a lot of fun.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Amie's shower

We had a baby shower for my
cousin Amie and her little
Keegan. They are big hog fans so
I thought it would be fun to have
a hog wild shower for her. It turned
out so cute. Here is a picture of the
table. We used a pom pons, Trevor's
football helmet, jersey and pants for a
center piece. We had a hog cake with a
diaper on it sucking on a pacifier.
Too fun!

Here we are at my shower together.
We are 5 months apart and grew up
more like sisters so we are sooooo
excited to have babies just a few weeks

All of the girls who helped with
her shower. Babies are so fun!!

Silly boys

I was a little worried how Trev would
adjust to having to share our attention
with a little brother. We came home and
he has been so great!! He is mommy's
big helper. Here he is helping get bubby
ready for his bath. He loves to help and
receive praise from us. He feels so big!

It might be hard to really see in this picture
but Trev has on like 10 pair of socks. Not kidding.
He loves to put on lots of socks when he plays
football. His little feet look swollen so daddy
couldn't resist getting a picture.

The boys and I watched Monster House
together to get in the Halloween mood.
These are the memories I will cherish
FOREVER! I love to snuggle with my boys.
I am so happy!!

Trev and his cousins are too funny.
We could have a reality show about
these kiddos. They are very silly. I
can't wait for the opportunity to show
some of the black mail pictures of them.
I've got great video too! Senior slide show
here I come.

Very sleepy mommy.
Getting up every 2 hours all through
the night is catching up to me.

This is my little E man. His favorite toy
right now is a broom. He will put whatever
it is he's playing with down for a broom.
Christmas shopping should be easy this year.

My sweet angel. Cruz loves his
tummy time. I can put him in his
little tummy and I don't hear a word
from him until he gets hungry.

Trev was hiding from mommy under
his trampoline. Peek-a-boo!

This is a classic Trevor picture. He is
always doing something silly. I
have no idea what we were doing here
but I love it. He has such a personality.

Here is my little gangsta boo at
3 weeks old.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

My boys at the pumpkin patch.
It's a tradition in our family to go visit
Right Choices Corn Maze every year.
Sunday we loaded up the boys and headed
out. We had so much fun. Some of our friends
down the street ,Trevor's little girl friend Zoe Grace
and her brother Jackson came with us so it was
double the fun.

I attempted some cute pictures of the
boys together in the wheel barrow however
being at the pumpkin patch for all day
must not have been on Mr. Cruz's agenda.
You mean you want me to be drug around
all day and take pictures, don't think so Mom.

Okay, it took little Trevor FOREVER to pick
out a pumpkin, so mommy had to help find
the perfect one. He was too busy trying to
roll the pumpkins down the hill. Boys will
be boys. But, we had a lot of fun.

This was at the end of day so we were
all pretty tired but I couldn't resist
another family picture.

She thinks my tractors sexy!!!

Here is Trevor and his little friend
Zoe Grace. They have been good buddies
since they were babies. Trevor sings songs
about her if we haven't seen her in awhile.
They are so cute together.
Handsome boys
They have a cow train there that is
pulled by a tractor that moos for the kids.
T rode it last year and talked about all year
so he was very excited to ride again.

Trevor was so excited to ride his horse
Daisy. We are still talking about Daisy.
No son, we are not putting a horse in the
Here we are on a hay ride. It wasn't real
long because of the all the mud we had
a good time. It was my favorite part of
the day.

Cruz enjoyed his first hayride.
Trev and Zoe Grace.

I couldn't resist.

Monday, October 19, 2009


What the?
Mi mi, why you takin all these pictures
of me? Cruz was looking at us like we were
crazy for taking so many pictures of him.
My mom loves to take pics of her grand babies.
She will be keeping the boys when I go back to
work and I know I'll have so many good pics
to see of the things I miss while I'm working.

Trevor has a high and low gear on his
gator and you might as well forget about
the low gear. That boys flies around the house
like a mad man. He is a very good driver though.
The only thing we have damaged is the wall
in the garage and maybe the gutter. oops!
Sorry bout that mom!

The boys decided to do some yard work
because momma was doing hair today.
Trevor has a gator that he calls his mower
and loves to help dad mow that yard.
What a big boy.

My mom has a fun hair cut. We keep her
blonde all year round and gave her
a trim on her funky do. What a hip mimi!
Here is Aunt Whittney's hair. Foxy Lady.
We went a little darker for fall and
added some fun texture to her already
cute bob.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Cruz Thomas Castleberry

Trevor Nelson Castleberry

When I saw Cruz for the first time,
I thought, he looks just like Trev.
Every one who saw him said the same
thing. I felt like I had given birth to
Trev all over again. When we got
home I compared pics and here are
just a couple. Poor Cruz, I call him Trevor
all the time. I can't wait to see how their
personalities differ. We have so much to
look forward to.

Baby Cruz

Here are my sisters and I right after
Cruz was born. I'm so thankful they
were all there.

Cruz came out sucking in his fingers.
You could tell he did it a lot in the womb.
His mouth and fingers went together like
peas and carrots.

Here is big bro meeting his lil bro for the
first time. It was such a special moment
for me and Daddy but a confusing one
for T. We said Trevor, here is your little
brother. He looked over at me and said
He's not in your belly? He was so confused
at first. He didn't want me to stay away
from him in the hospital either. He said
Come on mom, let's go home. When I explained
to him I had to stay there he was pretty upset.
After we got home and settled in, he has done a
great job at being big brother! I'm so proud
of him and love to watch him with Cruz.

I told you he liked his fingers.

Here are the three of us together for the
first time. So proud of our baby.

Welcome Cruz!!

Fearfully and wonderfully made.
Our God is an awesome God.
Our little Cruz Thomas Castleberry
was born September 22nd. He was 8 p.
15 oz. He is perfect in every way.

Sweet baby boy Cruz!!

I love all that hair. Okay so it may
not be a ton to most but it's a lot
more than Trevor had. I already
can give him a fohawk. lol

Here is my big boy. I still to this day can't
believe how big he was. Where did he fit
in there? It's no wonder I couldn't
breathe for a few months.

My mom took a pic of me in labor. This was
during a contraction before the pitocin.
After the nurse turned that stuff up for the third
time I looked more like the exorcist. I went
natural with this delivery so it was very