Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sweet baby

So my sweet angel had jaundice and we had
to do photo therapy. Come to find out we
didn't really have to do the lights because his
wasn't that bad but the medical supply company
switched our order with another baby so we could
have skipped this all together. Cruz hated being in there
and cried (or screamed actually) the whole time he was
in there and we had to leave him in there unless he
was eating or changing his diaper. I cried for a long
time when they told me I couldn't hold him in
between. Then I cried even more when he cried
from being put in there. Hormonal much? We got
through it and he is just fine now. I thank God that
he is healthy and it wasn't anything worse.

Here are the boys with Daddy. Trev
loves Cruz. He likes to kiss and hug
on him a lot. He will just stare at him
sometimes like he is just amazed.
I better enjoy this phase before they
grow up and start fighting!!

Trevor read Cruz a bed time story. The whole
family enjoyed this. He really is so good with him.

I love this picture!! Cruz's little friend Reid
came over for a play date, really it was a date
for the mommy's to visit but we won't tell them
that. Reid was giving Cruz kisses (or trying
to eat him one or the other). I can't wait to
see them grow up together.

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Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

Yay! Posts!! I love the picture of Trevor reading Cruz a bedtime story. Sooo cute! I can NOT believe that the light therapy wasn't necessary.

Tell Trevor he is too cool with his face paint! I bet the Cowboys will win now!!