Sunday, January 31, 2010

My status

I do not have a facebook because I just don't
have the time (or I don't want to make time).
I realize I am one of the only people on earth
without one but I would just rather spend my
spare time with my babies and catching up
on sleep. haha
During the ice storm, my family all piled up at
my parents house and had the BEST time ever.
We cooked and played games, I played chase
with the kids, we learned the Thriller dance,
(something that I always wanted to learn but
never had the time, I know dork) I did hair,
and we laughed until we cried.
Anyway,back to facebook, my sister Steffany
posted videos of us learning Thriller and of
the kids dancing to Beat it, something they do
on a regular basis actually. So I got on facebook
to watch how crazy we looked and this was her status:
snow, ice, home cooked food, tons of sweet tea, fire, dogs,
Tryston, Trevor, Trynity, Cruz, sisters, brothers, mommy,
daddy, bearwolfs, zombies, hide and go seek, girls rule and
boys drool, videos, salon, family feud, drumstick, whole fam
learning the Thriller dance...I love this.
This is perfect!! These are some of the best memories for us!
I normally just absolutely loathe this weather but when I really
think about it, it's not so bad. I have the best time when I'm snowed
in with my family. I hope you all had as great of a time as we did.

Another milestone

We fed Cruz cereal for the first time
This is the before picture,
All clean

And here are some after....

Our messy marvin.

Cruz was not sure what to think of all
of this at first. I'm not sure if it was the
cereal or the spoon that wigged him out
a little bit but he eventually started to
get the hang of it. We'll just keep practicing
eating with the spoon until we are professionals!!
Maybe we'll be a little cleaner next time....maybe?

Cruz's 4 month birthday

A very merry unbirthday to you.
I can't believe my little guy is 4 mo
old already. Some days I feel like I've
had him my entire life and others I
feel I brought him home yesterday.
He is a very sweet baby, loves to talk
and be talked to, when he smiles he
smiles with his whole face, sleeps well through
the night and doesn't want to lay back like
a baby. He wants to see what is going on.
He loves his finger sandwiches (still) and
is really starting to explore the world through
touch. He loves to touch and feel everything.
My favorite is when I am talking to him he just
stares at me and reaches out to touch my face.
This kid truly makes my heart melt.
He is very good at his hand coordination
putting everything he touches right into his
mouth (except my face of course) He is a very happy
4 month old learning new things everyday.We
are so blessed that God chose us to be Cruz's earthly
parents and gave us the opportunity to watch him grow.

At Cruz's 4 month check up everything was
great. He weighed 16 pounds and is 27 inches
long and his head is 41.5 cm.
That puts him in the 75th percentile on weight,
97th on height and 50th on his head.
He was a little bored in the doctors office so
I gave him his paci to play with and the doctor
saw him interact with it and said he is very
advanced in his coordination. The way is was
playing with it most babies at that age couldn't
do yet. Yes, were so proud!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Trevor is at the age where he likes to
pick out his own clothes. This is one of
his beautiful outfits he put together
a pair of pj shorts
a batman shirt (of course)
his little monkey rain boots
I love it :)
One of Cruz's new favorite things
are his linkadoos. Moms, I am sure
you agree we can't live without these.
Cruz loves to chew on them and drool
on them. So cute. His hand coordination
is getting so good. He can just grab them
and they go directly to his mouth. He
is getting so big so fast.
I always talk about how T
loves his little bro. On this morning
he saw Cruz and I on the couch and
asked to come cuddle by Cruz. So of
course I scooted over and let them
cuddle as long as they wanted. I need
to remember this picture when they
are older and beat each other up.
We went to a friend of ours son's basketball
game. Go Noah!! When we got back home
Trev got out his ball and dribbled all around
the house trying to be like the big boys. It is
so sweet at this age. They are so observant and
smart. Maybe we'll go to the NBA.

Here is Cruz rockin out his first baseball
hat. He was adorable of course.

My 3 month old in a 12 month Hurley shirt.
Big boy!

Play date

We had some of our good friends over for some
lasagna and a play date last week. Nothing like
some good food and good fun. Here are pics of
the kiddos. Reid and Cruz are such good buddies
already. Oh so sweet.

A little help from big brother. He is
trying to turn both of their heads
toward the camera. I have a feeling
Reid and Cruz will be very resilient
because of their older siblings.

One of my favorite pictures. Trevor and Lilly
giving each other a hug.

Lilly is getting old enough now to really
play with Trevor. She had a lot of fun!!

Da boys

Quote of the day

I have a journal for Trevor (and will soon have one
for Cruz) that has all the funny things he says in it.
He really comes up with some good ones. A good friend
of mine had starting doing "quote of the day" on her
blog and I love the idea. I think it will be fun sharing
some of T's funny moments with all my friends.
Here is one from today:
I was wondering around the house waiting for a pair
of my jeans to dry in a pair of Victoria Secrets boy cut
panties and the shirt I was going to wear that day.
I walked into the kitchen and T asked "Mommy,
what are you doing, are going to work bare naked

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Go Cruz

My sweet little baby hit a milestone Tuesday!!! We rolled over
from his tummy to his back. I laid him in the floor for some
tummy time after Trev went to bed. Daddy and I were watching
a bit of T.V when I looked over just in time to see the big moment.
I was so excited for him that I started clapping and said "Yea Cruz"
and startled the poor little guy. He didn't really even realize
what he had done. He was so cute. He is growing up way, way
to fast to I know I am blessed and have a lot to look forward to.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tummy time

I love this picture. It's like he's just
so exhausted.

This melts my heart. Trevor loves to play
and entertain his lil bo.

Okay, some friends of ours gave Trev
these jammers last year. Thanks Bentley!
Trev is very into super heros right now
so he loves these! Mom's, don't you love
when your kids want to wear something that
is too small but you don't have the heart
to get rid of them. Well, that is the case with these
jammers. He begged me to wear them the other
night and I said no because sleeveless tops
and shorts aren't warm enough in the -20 degree
weather. It broke his heart so I told him he could
wear them over his long jammers. He was okay
with that so for several nights in a row we had to wear
spiderman over our jammers.
This is night #2.
I swear we don't tell him to pose for his pictures.
He just does it and always has. I have GQ model
on my hands.

We played with Mr. Bubbles in the tub the other
night. Trevor's new obsession!! We put a bit on Cruz's
jewels so we could take a picture of his chubs!! I love it.
We didn't get a decent one Trev, his jewels are showing
in all of his Mr. Bubbles pictures.That just means more
black mail pics.

My little snow angel

I know if your reading this right now you are
laughing hysterically right now!! This is a picture
of T's first snowman. He pretty much built him
himself, he didn't want my help. He has hershey's
hugs for eyes, a carrot for a nose, and baking m&m's
for a smile. I'm not sure what the random m&m's are.
I guess he just had a vision.

Trev's first snow angel!

I'm not sure where he learned to make a snow
angel. He just went outside, plopped down in
the snow and went to town. He did a great job.

Trynity present

My little Trynity is turning 3 years old
next week. She had a lot of dress up clothes
and I thought she needed a neat way to display
them. I saw this idea on another blog
Personal Pizazz. You should check her out.
She is the real deal, I am just an amatuear.

This is the mirror I made for her to go next to
the canvas. This way she can see how beautiful
she is in her princess dresses.

I had to put the boys on here too!!

Cruz loves his bumbo now. I can't
believe he is big enough to be in it.
I guess time flies when your having fun.

Santa Claus came to town

Christmas was so wonderful and fulfilling this year.
Having my wonderful husband and
both my boys
was the best feeling in the world. It's indescribable!!
Cruz had a great first
Christmas! My favorite
moment with him was Christmas Eve,
I was rocking him to sleep
all snuggled up and watching
it snow. It was beautiful and a very sweet memory
for me.
Trev had a blast as well. He asked Santa for Batman
toys and Batman toys is what he got!
It was cute to see him
this year. He is older and really enjoys and understands
The smile on his face was priceless!!

That morning we had Cruz go wake Trev up. Why not
start the tradtion of them waking each
other up to go see
what Santa brought this year. Trevor wakes up and we say
Trev come see
who came to our house last night. He looks
at me so sweet and sleepy and says with big bright
"Did Santa come?". He gets out of bed, walks in the
living room and says "He did come".
We opened gifts and had a great time. I love Christmas!!