Sunday, January 10, 2010

Tummy time

I love this picture. It's like he's just
so exhausted.

This melts my heart. Trevor loves to play
and entertain his lil bo.

Okay, some friends of ours gave Trev
these jammers last year. Thanks Bentley!
Trev is very into super heros right now
so he loves these! Mom's, don't you love
when your kids want to wear something that
is too small but you don't have the heart
to get rid of them. Well, that is the case with these
jammers. He begged me to wear them the other
night and I said no because sleeveless tops
and shorts aren't warm enough in the -20 degree
weather. It broke his heart so I told him he could
wear them over his long jammers. He was okay
with that so for several nights in a row we had to wear
spiderman over our jammers.
This is night #2.
I swear we don't tell him to pose for his pictures.
He just does it and always has. I have GQ model
on my hands.

We played with Mr. Bubbles in the tub the other
night. Trevor's new obsession!! We put a bit on Cruz's
jewels so we could take a picture of his chubs!! I love it.
We didn't get a decent one Trev, his jewels are showing
in all of his Mr. Bubbles pictures.That just means more
black mail pics.


Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

All of those pictures are soo cute.

it's such a perfect day... said...

Love Trevor's pose in his spiderman pj's! so GQ!