Saturday, January 23, 2010

Trevor is at the age where he likes to
pick out his own clothes. This is one of
his beautiful outfits he put together
a pair of pj shorts
a batman shirt (of course)
his little monkey rain boots
I love it :)
One of Cruz's new favorite things
are his linkadoos. Moms, I am sure
you agree we can't live without these.
Cruz loves to chew on them and drool
on them. So cute. His hand coordination
is getting so good. He can just grab them
and they go directly to his mouth. He
is getting so big so fast.
I always talk about how T
loves his little bro. On this morning
he saw Cruz and I on the couch and
asked to come cuddle by Cruz. So of
course I scooted over and let them
cuddle as long as they wanted. I need
to remember this picture when they
are older and beat each other up.
We went to a friend of ours son's basketball
game. Go Noah!! When we got back home
Trev got out his ball and dribbled all around
the house trying to be like the big boys. It is
so sweet at this age. They are so observant and
smart. Maybe we'll go to the NBA.

Here is Cruz rockin out his first baseball
hat. He was adorable of course.

My 3 month old in a 12 month Hurley shirt.
Big boy!

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Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

Trev is going to be a little trend-setter!! They are sooo adorable. I love the picture of Lilly and Trev hugging...I copied it so I can put it on my blog. LOVE IT!