Sunday, January 31, 2010

My status

I do not have a facebook because I just don't
have the time (or I don't want to make time).
I realize I am one of the only people on earth
without one but I would just rather spend my
spare time with my babies and catching up
on sleep. haha
During the ice storm, my family all piled up at
my parents house and had the BEST time ever.
We cooked and played games, I played chase
with the kids, we learned the Thriller dance,
(something that I always wanted to learn but
never had the time, I know dork) I did hair,
and we laughed until we cried.
Anyway,back to facebook, my sister Steffany
posted videos of us learning Thriller and of
the kids dancing to Beat it, something they do
on a regular basis actually. So I got on facebook
to watch how crazy we looked and this was her status:
snow, ice, home cooked food, tons of sweet tea, fire, dogs,
Tryston, Trevor, Trynity, Cruz, sisters, brothers, mommy,
daddy, bearwolfs, zombies, hide and go seek, girls rule and
boys drool, videos, salon, family feud, drumstick, whole fam
learning the Thriller dance...I love this.
This is perfect!! These are some of the best memories for us!
I normally just absolutely loathe this weather but when I really
think about it, it's not so bad. I have the best time when I'm snowed
in with my family. I hope you all had as great of a time as we did.

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