Friday, June 25, 2010

Hanging out at mimi and poppy's

Poppy is so cool he even lets me drive his truck!!

My family is so blessed to have mimi and poppy!
They are the best grandparents ever!! Mimi keeps
both my boys for me while I work but she also
watches my niece and nephew and my cousin
Amie's little boy Keegan who is only 10 weeks
younger than Cruz! I think mimi is an angel,
a crazy angel for keeping 5 kids ages 5 and
under but non the less she is pretty amazing.
I still don't have a camera so I go through mimi's
pics she takes during the week while mommy
is at work. I love it because I get to see a little
bit of what they did that day.

Cruz and Keegan went for a wagon ride
and had a blast!!
This is Mr. Keegan!! Isn't he a doll!!
Trynity and Trevor!!
Friday they had a dirt fight in mimi's back
yard. Mimi went outside to check on them
and they were throwing dirt on each other.
I'm telling you, what these 3 don't get into!!!

Trynity is a little mother hen. She loves
to help mimi with the babies. The babies
just love her.

Going on a joy ride!!!
I know, he's the cutest little boy ever!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Get lost

I just love my sweet Trevor and he just
loves his mommy. We always say we are
best friends but I guess Trevor decided
it was time to take it to the next level. Trev
came in the kitchen while I was packing up
to go to swim lessons. Things were a little
chaotic (mommy found out 1 hour before
lessons started that lessons started this
week and not next) but I notices Trev
carrying one of his rubber Batman weapons
that looks kinda like a circle with spikes
on it. He handed it to me and said "Here mom,
here is your ring." I said "oh thanks buddy".
"Well put it on" he said. I reply "it's too big
to fit my finger". Well put it on your wrist then"
he says. I say "it's too small for my wrist".
He grumbled and said "well, we'll just have to
be married then and tell daddy to get lost"!
It was the funniest thing ever!! I wanted to
laugh so hard but I didn't want to hurt his feelings.
I told him I would be honored to be married to him
so there we were, married and for the whole day
too!! He called me "honey" all day long. It was so
precious and a moment I will never forget!!!!

Here are some pictures of my "husband" playing
in the rain after one of his soccer games. I meant to
upload these forever ago so here they are.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cruz update

My sweet little Cruz cut his first tooth a couple
of days after he turned 8 months old. It was his
bottom right tooth. Just a couple weeks later he
has 4 teeth and a couple more working there way
in. Poor little guy. He has been so good. He is pretty
restless at night but thank God for Tylenol and orajel!!
They save my life, and his.

He is also pulling up on things and cruising around!!
He pulled up to the train table at mimi's for the first
time friday. Yay little man!! He is so strong and I'm
so proud of him and his great determination. He's
trying so hard!! My little man will be walking soon
(and lord help me when does)

My sweet, sweet baby Cruz also started BITING!!
Trev loves to hug him but his hugs last a little longer
(okay a lot longer) than normal and it aggravates Cruz.
I guess were already dealing "brotherly love."
Trev knows it aggravates him so he continues to
do it, of course!! Last weekend Trev was "hugging"
Cruz and Cruz started fussing at him and as I was
telling Trev to let him go, CHOMP, right into Trev's
cheek!! Trev just looked at me stunned for a second
and then starting crying "He bit me!" Of course my
response was "well, I told you to quit aggravating him."
Okay, so maybe it was a one time thing right? NO!
The very next day my sister and I took the boys to
dickson street to take some pictures. In one of the
poses, we asked Trev to hold Cruz around the waist.
Cruz wasn't having it. He got mad and started looking
for something of Trev's to bite. I mean really, he had
his mouth wide opened bending down trying to reach
Trev's arm. My sister and I looked at each other and
laughed because we knew then I AM IN FOR IT!!
He bit Trev's ear twice the other day and got my
arm yesterday which was the first time he bit
for no reason. All the other times he was angry.
Hopefully this phase will pass quick!!

Cruz loves to get into ANYTHING he is not supposed
to. Already!! I'll put out his whole basket of toys and
he starts crawling around looking for anything else to
get into. It could be one of Trev's toys, the remote, a
phone, a piece of paper, some get the
picture. He is so funny how he already knows!!! He is
such a sweet heart but I think I've got my hands full
with this one!!! LOL

Monster Truck pics

We got to the show a little early and got to
go down onto the arena and look at the trucks.
They kids thought they were so cool!!
They look so little next to the monster
Trev was cheering for spike the dog!!
His truck was cool and it caught on fire
during the show which made him that
much cooler to Trev. They put the fire out
quickly and spike returned to show!!

Spongebob came to the see the monster
trucks too!!! Trev thought spongebob was
pretty cool. He kept staring at him and
talking to him.

Trevor LOVES herbie the love bug.
It's one of his favorites movies. They had
a herbie love bug car so we got a few pics
with herbie. I think Trev was star struck!!
What would a MONSTER truck show be
without any MONSTERS?
The kids decided to be monsters since they
were at a monster truck show. Pretty clever!
Trev heard a cool song come on and
thought he needed to rock out on the
air guitar!! It was so cute I had to put
it on here.

I love this picture!!
They announced the first monster truck and
Trev flipped out!! He was so super excited. His
expressions through out the whole show was

The kids all had such a good time as usual
and I had the best time watching them!!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

This is why I don't blog much

I sat down tonight at the computer to blog
about last weekend at the monster truck show.
The boys were nice and tucked in bed.
The only time I blog is when they are sleeping.
No longer than I had signed in I heard Trevor
hollar momma! I went to his room to check on
him and see what he needed and he looked at
me with the cutest face ever and ask, will you
lay in bed with me? I'll scoot over and make
room for you!
How can I say no to that? It's
hard to find time to do anything else except
spend every second with the boys. They're
too stinkin cute!!!
Looks like I'll be attempting to blog about the
monster trucks tomorrow!! We'll see how it

Monday, June 7, 2010

Guess who's crawling?

I am!
Monday (memorial day) Cruz started crawling.
Or maybe we should call it crawalking!
He gets up on his feet and hands instead of
his knees and hands. I'm tellin you the kid
wants to walk so bad!!
He just crawalks around on his feet and hands
until he gets where he needs to go!!
It's the cutest thing I've ever seen!! He looks like
Mogli in the jungle book when he marches with
the elephants.

He has been practicing this method of crawling
for a few days until he got it down. He can move
pretty fast crawling like this. I will be so busy
chasing him I'm bound to lose the rest of the baby
weight for sure!!
Were so proud of you Cruzy for your very big
accomplishment!! Way to go baby!!!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

8 months

Cruz, my sweet baby is 8 months old!!!! I'm
not sure where the time goes, all I know is
that it goes by fast.
Cruz, your such a big boy now!! You accomplished
a lot your 7 th month. You taught yourself how to
wave and say hi! I saw you one day looking at your
hand, opening and closing it (like you were waving to
yourself) while saying hi. It was a big moment for
you. I could see how proud you were by the big smile
on your face. I started feeding you little finger foods
like puffs and lil crunchies by gerber. You really like
them and I think they made you feel like a big boy.
I showed you only once how to pick one up and feed
yourself and you caught right on. Your a little champ!
You've been trying to walk for a couple months now
but I really feel like your very close. You will soon be
walking or crawling, but in the mean time you some
how seem to scoot yourself to what ever it is your
wanting to get into. I can have all your toys around
you and you go for the one thing that your not suppose
to have like, my phone, the remote, any of Trev's toys,
you get the picture. Your always on the go and you
can't even walk yet!! Were in big trouble when you
are mobile. You still love to talk but you come by it
honestly so it's okay, it was totally expected. We love
to hear you jabber. You just love to tell us stories and
love talking to big brother. You'll do anything to get his
attention and make him laugh. The two of you already
have that brotherly relationship, you know, love each
other one minute, hitting each other the next. You laugh
every time I feed you. I don't know what is so funny but
you just crack up. You'll wrinkle your little nose and breath
in and out of it real fast and just laugh so hard at yourself.
Your favorite toy is a character from a cartoon higgly town
heroes. It's a boy with a squirrel on his head and you love
to chew on it. I'll post a picture of you with it soon. It's
goofy. You are in a growing spurt and wake up at 4-4:20
for a bottle every night. Bye bye full night sleep! Your
separation anxiety is getting better although your
favorite place to be is still right by mommy. You become
more fun everyday and I can't wait to see all the new things
you learn this month. Enjoy the ride!!

Derby pics

I love this pic of all the kids together
at the derby. They look so cute!!

Sweet hugs
Meet your future derby drivers!!

Tryston had an allergy attack when we
got to the arena. Poor guy! His eyes got
all red and he started sneezing alot.
One time that he sneezed, it got all over Trev
and I. This was the expression I got of Trev
He was telling Tryston
"don't sneeze on me again"

Cruz had so much fun at his first derby.
With ear plugs in to help with noise, he just
laughed and squealed and flapped his arms
he was so excited. Every time the crowd got
excited so did Cruz. I had more fun watching
him than derby. We'll definitely take him again!!