Saturday, June 19, 2010

Monster Truck pics

We got to the show a little early and got to
go down onto the arena and look at the trucks.
They kids thought they were so cool!!
They look so little next to the monster
Trev was cheering for spike the dog!!
His truck was cool and it caught on fire
during the show which made him that
much cooler to Trev. They put the fire out
quickly and spike returned to show!!

Spongebob came to the see the monster
trucks too!!! Trev thought spongebob was
pretty cool. He kept staring at him and
talking to him.

Trevor LOVES herbie the love bug.
It's one of his favorites movies. They had
a herbie love bug car so we got a few pics
with herbie. I think Trev was star struck!!
What would a MONSTER truck show be
without any MONSTERS?
The kids decided to be monsters since they
were at a monster truck show. Pretty clever!
Trev heard a cool song come on and
thought he needed to rock out on the
air guitar!! It was so cute I had to put
it on here.

I love this picture!!
They announced the first monster truck and
Trev flipped out!! He was so super excited. His
expressions through out the whole show was

The kids all had such a good time as usual
and I had the best time watching them!!!!

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