Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cruz update

My sweet little Cruz cut his first tooth a couple
of days after he turned 8 months old. It was his
bottom right tooth. Just a couple weeks later he
has 4 teeth and a couple more working there way
in. Poor little guy. He has been so good. He is pretty
restless at night but thank God for Tylenol and orajel!!
They save my life, and his.

He is also pulling up on things and cruising around!!
He pulled up to the train table at mimi's for the first
time friday. Yay little man!! He is so strong and I'm
so proud of him and his great determination. He's
trying so hard!! My little man will be walking soon
(and lord help me when does)

My sweet, sweet baby Cruz also started BITING!!
Trev loves to hug him but his hugs last a little longer
(okay a lot longer) than normal and it aggravates Cruz.
I guess were already dealing "brotherly love."
Trev knows it aggravates him so he continues to
do it, of course!! Last weekend Trev was "hugging"
Cruz and Cruz started fussing at him and as I was
telling Trev to let him go, CHOMP, right into Trev's
cheek!! Trev just looked at me stunned for a second
and then starting crying "He bit me!" Of course my
response was "well, I told you to quit aggravating him."
Okay, so maybe it was a one time thing right? NO!
The very next day my sister and I took the boys to
dickson street to take some pictures. In one of the
poses, we asked Trev to hold Cruz around the waist.
Cruz wasn't having it. He got mad and started looking
for something of Trev's to bite. I mean really, he had
his mouth wide opened bending down trying to reach
Trev's arm. My sister and I looked at each other and
laughed because we knew then I AM IN FOR IT!!
He bit Trev's ear twice the other day and got my
arm yesterday which was the first time he bit
for no reason. All the other times he was angry.
Hopefully this phase will pass quick!!

Cruz loves to get into ANYTHING he is not supposed
to. Already!! I'll put out his whole basket of toys and
he starts crawling around looking for anything else to
get into. It could be one of Trev's toys, the remote, a
phone, a piece of paper, some get the
picture. He is so funny how he already knows!!! He is
such a sweet heart but I think I've got my hands full
with this one!!! LOL

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Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

Haha! Welcome to my world!!! Both of my kids have the "spidey sense" that let them know what they don't need to get into....unfortunately they use it for no good and totally get into whatever they are not supposed to! Keeps me on my toes!!!