Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Holy cake and ice cream Batman, it's Trevor's birthday party!

Trevor's Batman themed 4th birthday party
was awesome!!! We rented out the Roller City
in springdale for the location. It's dark kinda
like the bat cave and it's roomy enough to let
the kids run around if they didn't want to skate.
Trev likes to go skating and was excited about the
suggestion so we went with it. We made a cd with
superhero music to play while everyone skated.
We projected the bat signal on the wall to make
the kids really feel like they were at the
bat cave. They loved it!
Quick pic of the cake table.
The birthday boy and his brother posing
for a picture together. They both sported
the batman shirt.
Trevor loves Ben and told me he wanted
him to come to his batman party. I
thought it was so cute so I called him
up to let him know his presence was requested.
Of course Ben came to be there for Trevor and
Trev was super excited he came.
Sweet boys!
Aunt Feffy
Baby Cruz with John's mom (me ma)
The sticking our tongue out thing is new
but anytime he gets excited this is what
he does. So the tongue hangs out of our
mouth most of the time. His new nickname
is Gene Simmons.
Superhero Rowan fixing to skate
I loved that little spiderman came.
Baylor was adorable.
Tryston putting on his skates
He is a good little skater!
It was some of the kids first time to skate
so it was so much fun to watch them (and
moms and dads) trying not to fall down.
They really were so cute. Most of them got
the hang of it before they left.
Hanging on to mom for dear life.
This is what most of the kids looked
like at first. It was so funny
Whoa buddy!
Super glad Ben was there
to help.
This was my favorite part of skating!!
They were a little chain gang. My mom went
out there to help with the kids (without skates)
but every one else in this picture has skates on
and not one of them fell down. I thought they were
so cute all hanging on to one another. Way to go
My friend Allison and her son Bentley.
Love them and owe her big time for
helping me out so much.
Birthday boy was a skating fool.
He loved it out there.

Trevor also asked if Batman could come to
his birthday party. Mommy called up the
bat cave and invited Batman himself and
requested he bring his sidekick Catwomen
for all the girls at the party. Steven, the manager
at the rink (who was awesome) dimmed the lights,
called all the kids to the middle of the rink and told
them there was a special guests who just arrived.
He played the Batman theme song while Batman
and Catwoman made their entrance. So fun!!
All the kids were so amazed. They just stared at
them for little bit. This was the reaction on Trevor's
face when he saw them. He thought they were so cool.
It was priceless to see the look on his face and how
excited he was that Batman showed up.

This was when I was asking him What do you
think buddy?
He said "Pretty Cool"
It was so special to him. I love the look on all
the kids faces. They were just as excited and
mesmerized as Trevor was.

After all the kids got to see Batman and Catwoman
it was time for cake, ice cream and presents!!!
Lighting FOUR candles on the cake!

We were singing Happy Birthday to Trev
in this picture.
Make a wish and blow out those candles baby!!

The cake was very good. Chocolate cake with
cookies and cream filling. Trev picked it out
all by himself. We didn't have any cake
left over to take home which was a very good
T loves sweets so it didn't take him long
to finish it up.

Opening gifts at a kids birthday party is pretty
much organized chaos. It cracks me up.
Trevor has lots of very good, sweet friends
who came to celebrate a very special day
with him and brought lots of super fun gifts.
He gots lots of superhero stuff and fun stuff
to play with outside. It was great and thank
you so much to everyone who came.

Ben helped me with the chaos while daddy
video taped. Thanks Ben and I hope you still
plan on having kids after this. haha

Trev was reading his birthday card
upside down. That's a very special skill
you know.
David and Cruzy
Poor little Cruz was passed around all
night. Our good friends David and Allison
(Maggie's mom and dad) helped out a lot.
Thanks guys

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Trevor

April 16th 2010The morning started out with chocolate
donuts and chocolate milk for breakfast.
Trevor's favorite!! (I know, breakfast of
champions right?)
Trevor told me he wanted to go spend the day
at jump zone for his birthday so of course the
birthday boy always gets his wish.
But, mommy arranged to pick up his very best
friend Maggie from school that day and take her
with us. We told Trevor we had to pick up a
birthday surprise for him before we went to jump
zone and this picture is the reaction I got when
I told him of this surprise.
We got Maggie from school and headed to
JZ. Look how excited he is to have her there.
So cute.

They just wanted me to stop taking pictures and
let them get going. There was a lot of jumping to
be done!!
Getting ready
Now were talkin! He had such a fun time.
I couldn't get them to slow down long enough
to get any good pictures so I put the camera
down and jumped and played with them.

Going down the slide!!
Daddy,Trev, Mags and I played at JZ for
about 2 hours. We were exhausted and hungry.
Trevor asked for macaroni and cheese so we
headed to Olive Garden.
After lunch Maggie and Trev took a nap and Daddy
and I did some rapping up on the birthday party to
do list.
Trevor is very into super heroes so
we bought him a spiderman bicycle
for his birthday. He had outgrown his first
bicycle and picked the spiderman bike out
a while ago. The day was so pretty until late
afternoon. It started sprinkling so we let him
open his present but he only got to ride it for a
couple minutes before the sprinkles turned to rain.

He loved his bicycle. After he rode his bicycle
for a bit we went to chuck e cheese, another
birthday boy request. He played for a couple
hours at the cheese. He had a great day and
I'm pretty sure all his birthday wishes came true!
This is the only pic I got at chuck e cheese before
the batteries died on me. It's a cute one though.

I can't stress to you enough how glad I am that God
gave us you. I couldn't have picked you out better myself.
You are so much fun to be around. You are very smart,
extremely funny, sweet, entertaining, creative and
I could go on and on. The last 4 years have been the
best of my life. I love dancing with you, reading to you,
teaching you things, playing games, singing to you, and
tucking you in at night. I can't believe you have gotten
so big so fast. We truly enjoy every moment with you
and are so proud of all the things you have accomplished
the last 4 years. I am so excited to see what God has
planned for you and will be here for you every step of
the way. Always remember, you can do
anything you set your mind to.