Saturday, April 24, 2010

I'm not sure how it happened but
it's a favorite!!

Cruz had his first babysitters on spring
break. We took Trev to see How to train
your dragon and knew Cruz wouldn't have
made it that long. My sweet friend Brittney and
her fiance Daniel came over to watch Cruz.
This is a big deal because I usually have family
watch my boys if I need a sitter but Britt and
Daniel are amazing (and will great parents some
day) and I completely trusted them with my baby.
Britt is moving to Little Rock to go school and
Daniel already goes there. So as soon as I find
my dream babysitters, they leave me!! But,
I am very happy for them and pray they come
back and see us. Good luck you two and
I'll see you for your wedding hair!!!!
Baby spidey
I put Trev's spiderman mask on Cruz the
other day and I think he is a very cute
spider baby.

T did not want his pic taken today.
He got very mad at me.

Ha ha momma. I got lots of food
on my face and on my clothes.
I think Cruz gets way too big of
a kick out of this. Messy little boys

and I'm a stud

He found his feet and loves to play with
them. Santa brought him these socks and
now he loves playing and chewing on the
little buggies. He works so hard to get to them
Trying to pull them off

I love his smile.

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Kari Beth said...

good to see you tuesday! trevor is so cute with his faux hawk and shades! i'm sure i'll be seeing you lots at their games!