Monday, January 12, 2009


I've mentioned before to pray for us as we
enter the adventures in potty training. Well,
were not catching on too quickly and that's
okay because this calls for some really good
blackmail pics in the mean time.

Here is how he stepped into his undies. Two legs
in one hole. I'm sure we've all done it at some time
or another, right?

My bottoms' so bootylicious!

Roll on baby!

First trip to skating rink!
I thought it would be a good idea to take
Trevor skating Saturday night. I guess
you could say we had Saturday night fever.
Trev did really good on his skates and
Mommy and Daddy had no trips to the ER either.
He was trying to take these monster size steps
at first, probably because the skates weighed as
much as he does, but once we got over that it
was pretty cool! We will definitely go again soon.

Here I am taking Trev around the rink. We traded
the heavy skates in for Fisher Price ones to see
if that would help out our skating skills.

I'm loving this. After we got home from the rink,
Trev told us "I had super fun skatin." He is the
sweetest thing in the world!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


While I was updating the blog, my son
decided to draw on the wall and cabinets.
This is our first time ( and last) to pull this
one. We made him clean all of it up and he wasn't
a happy camper.

Yes, that is a bare booty you see. We are trying
to potty train. Pray for us please!!
The next pic is of Daddy and Trevor's little
heart to heart as we call them. He is so funny!!

Grand babies

Don't ask!! lol

What a good-lookin group of kids!
These are Trevor' s cousins
Ethan-6 months
and Trev is 2!!
They have the best time together and will
forever be best friends!


Goofballs! I love how you can't get a
good picture if there are more than 1 child in
it. I took so many and I love them all
because there all so funny. They capture
the kids in their true element.

What kind of Christmas would it be without some
good 'ol rock band? I know what your all
thinking, I'm one cool rockstar!

The kids were sick of watching rock band so we
put them in my parents bed to watch a movie.
Trevor starting yelling for me so I went in
the room to see what he needed only to find m
niece covered in my mom's vicks. She has globs
of it all over her. Naturally, it was making her
eyes water and red. We cleaned her up and her
nick-name is now vicks!

Here is Miss Vicks herself (before her incident)
in her princess out-fit we bought her! What a

Cookies for Santa

We made cookies for Santa to eat when he
comes to visit. Anything to get some
extra points right?

uummm? Don't these look amazing.

Trevor went to town on decorating. Maybe I
have the male Martha Stewart on my hands?

Trev put so many sprinkles on the cookies .
It was so cute. They looked very yummy.

I love ponies

We took Trevor to ride the ponies at
the square. He loved it of course!
It was fun for John and I to see his face
light up!! It made our day!