Thursday, January 8, 2009


Goofballs! I love how you can't get a
good picture if there are more than 1 child in
it. I took so many and I love them all
because there all so funny. They capture
the kids in their true element.

What kind of Christmas would it be without some
good 'ol rock band? I know what your all
thinking, I'm one cool rockstar!

The kids were sick of watching rock band so we
put them in my parents bed to watch a movie.
Trevor starting yelling for me so I went in
the room to see what he needed only to find m
niece covered in my mom's vicks. She has globs
of it all over her. Naturally, it was making her
eyes water and red. We cleaned her up and her
nick-name is now vicks!

Here is Miss Vicks herself (before her incident)
in her princess out-fit we bought her! What a

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