Monday, May 24, 2010


This weekend was awesome, busy, but awesome.
The weather was beautiful and hot!! Hello summer.
Friday night we went to my sister Whittney's house
and hung out. Always love hanging out with the fam.
Saturday was one of Trevor's favorite days out of
the year, the demolition derby. The derby only comes
twice a year to Springdale but everyday at my house
(and I'm actually not talking about my driving). Trev
talks about the derby and plays with his hot wheel
cars like he's in the derby all the time. Yes, I'm a
little worried. I have to tell Trevor the world is
not his demolition derby. He thinks if a car is in
our way, we should just hit it and go around. We may
me doing double time on teaching this one to drive.
Sunday we did yard work, which my family actually
loves with the exception of Cruz. He just wants momma
to hold him while she works. I think I can do just about
anything with one hand. Pretty soon though I'm sure he
will be just as big of a "helper" as his brother.
Monday I had all the girls from the salon over for dinner.
One of my friends Julie is coming back to work with us
in June. I knew she couldn't stay away from us for long.
We're very excited!!! We bought the boys a pool this
weekend so we grilled burgers and watched the boys
play in the pool. My friends little boy Ashur (18 mo)
thought it would be a good idea to put my camera in
the pool. I looked up just in time to see him pull it out
of the pool dripping wet. Can't turn your head for one
minute with these little ones!! So, as soon as I get the
camera situation figured out, I'll post some pics of the

Also, I'm thinking about posting a new recipe each week.
Some good, quick family recipes. Let me know what you
think and feel free to give me some of your family's

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

mothers day

Today I am:
a mommy, a doctor, a teacher, a friend, a counselor,
a sidewalk chalk artist, a maid, a chef, professional
snuggler, a photographer, a singer, a dancer, a storyteller,
party planner, overprotective, happy and in love!!!!!

Mothers day was great. It was Cruz's first and
my first with TWO precious babies!!! John
was sick (caught what Trev had) so we didn't
go to church but the boys and I made it over to
my mom's for a BBQ!! Had a lot of fun!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cowboy up

Saturday we went to a birthday party at
the Rogers Equestrian Center. Very cool
place for a party. We had a lot of fun! We
went on a hay ride where the kids got to
feed some horses then all the kids got to
ride a horse too!! Trev rode Hopper and
we've been talking about Hopper all day.
This pic was taken on daddy's i phone so
it's not real good. I'll post some better ones
when my friend e-mails them.
horse poop+flip flops=bad combination

Real men wear tu tu's

The kids love to dress up and play.
We often bring costumes over to
Mimi's to play in. Poor Tryinity always
has to wear a superhero costume.
There are no girlie costumes at the
Castleberry house. So Mi mi came to
the rescue and got down some of our
old dance costumes for sissy to wear.
I guess the boys decided they could rock
out a tu tu too! They both put one on,
tap shoes and all, OVER their spiderman
and pirate costumes. Watch out ladies!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

7 months!!!!!

WOW, I can't believe my little Cruzy is
7 months old already (I say that every
month) They say time flies when your
having fun.
Cruz,you light up our lives.
You are the perfect addition to our family.
You are so full of life! You make us laugh
all the time with whatever it is you are doing.
Even when you throw a fit your funny. You
still smile with your whole face (especially
your eyes) and you love daddy, Trev and I
very much. You are very entertained by Trev
but you'll let him have it all at the same time.
Some new things you accomplished as a big
6 month old were so much fun for us to watch.
Some new things are, you sleep through the
night for the most part, we started feeding you
solid food and so far your favorites are sweet
potatoes and bananas. You finally said momma
but your favorite word is still da da. I'm pretty
sure I heard you say bubba the other day!! Your
a little jabber box. I love to listen to you talk.
You'll talk to yourself forever!! You love to wake
us up with a smile and a laugh. You can totally
sit up by yourself now. You love to sit up with a
box of your toys and pull each toy out one by one,
play with it for a minute, then toss it to the side.
It's fun to watch. You want to walk and go like
bubba so bad. If you get fussy, we just stand you
up and you take off walking (holding someones
hand of course) If you really want to get
somewhere, you roll and roll until you get there.
You don't' let much stand in your way. You like
music and love to dance when you hear it.
Mommy slow dances with you and you just
laugh and bounce with excitement every time.
You (or we) discovered you love the jump-
a-roo. Sometimes I think your going to jump
out of the thing. You jump and jump in it and
the whole time you do, you have a huge smile
on your face. Mi mi put you in a walker one day
and of course you took off. You were very happy
to be in the walker because you could go, go.
You also started some big separation anxiety.
You do not want to be left alone to play,
you want to be on mommy's hip all the time.
You will pitch such a fit until someone comes
to pick you up and then if it's not mommy,
you will fuss until I come and get you. No
big deal for me, I know as soon as your mobile
your not going to want to be held much so I'm
soaking up as much as I can. As long
as your with mommy your fantastic!! You
have such a sweet, fun, busy little personality
and your so much fun to watch. We can't wait to
see what cool new things you do this month. Just
do me mommy one favor, don't grow up to fast!!
We love you sugar booger!!!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

You might be a redneck if.....

You might be a redneck if....
you wrap your pillow with a trash bag and

Poor little Trevor is sick. He got a stomach bug
Monday night from about 6 to 9:30. I feel so so
bad when my babies are sick and there is really
nothing I can do for them but I thought well at least
the stomach bug only lasted for a few hours. I slept
in the living room that night with T and he did great.
I not so much. I was up constantly checking on him
making sure he hadn't gotten sick in his sleep.
I stayed home with T on Tuesday and he was able to eat
and keep it down and soon returned to his old self again,
loud and rambunctious. Wednesday I went back to work
and took the boys to Mi Mi's (we had been throw up free
for over 24 hours) I came home from work around 6
and we were discussing what we wanted for dinner
T threw up again!!! The last time he threw
up was monday
night. What is going on. I'm so worried
about him.
Well, to the redneck story......
the first time T threw up monday night it was all over
the couch. So we washed the cover and scrubbed the
cushion and
sprayed way to much Lysol on it. Of
course later that night
we get sick on the mattress
pallet I made for him in the
living room.
Pillow, blankets, sheet, etc.
So wednesday night
he threw up in floor, cleaned that all up

then two more times on his mattress pallet
once again
getting the pillow,blankets sheet etc.
So I am on my like 6th load of laundry and no more
in my house except mine,daddy's,and Cruz's
because I have thrown the others away. I can't give him

all the pillows to throw up on and throw away so I
decided to
make the puke away 2010!!! I got a trash bag, wrapped my pillow in it and
taped the bag at the end.
Hopefully no puke is getting on this pillow

I put the pillow case back on the pillow and
wallah. Let's pray my redneck invention
works like a charm tonight or at least
until I can make it to the store to buy
some new ones!!!!!