Monday, May 24, 2010


This weekend was awesome, busy, but awesome.
The weather was beautiful and hot!! Hello summer.
Friday night we went to my sister Whittney's house
and hung out. Always love hanging out with the fam.
Saturday was one of Trevor's favorite days out of
the year, the demolition derby. The derby only comes
twice a year to Springdale but everyday at my house
(and I'm actually not talking about my driving). Trev
talks about the derby and plays with his hot wheel
cars like he's in the derby all the time. Yes, I'm a
little worried. I have to tell Trevor the world is
not his demolition derby. He thinks if a car is in
our way, we should just hit it and go around. We may
me doing double time on teaching this one to drive.
Sunday we did yard work, which my family actually
loves with the exception of Cruz. He just wants momma
to hold him while she works. I think I can do just about
anything with one hand. Pretty soon though I'm sure he
will be just as big of a "helper" as his brother.
Monday I had all the girls from the salon over for dinner.
One of my friends Julie is coming back to work with us
in June. I knew she couldn't stay away from us for long.
We're very excited!!! We bought the boys a pool this
weekend so we grilled burgers and watched the boys
play in the pool. My friends little boy Ashur (18 mo)
thought it would be a good idea to put my camera in
the pool. I looked up just in time to see him pull it out
of the pool dripping wet. Can't turn your head for one
minute with these little ones!! So, as soon as I get the
camera situation figured out, I'll post some pics of the

Also, I'm thinking about posting a new recipe each week.
Some good, quick family recipes. Let me know what you
think and feel free to give me some of your family's

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