Thursday, May 6, 2010

7 months!!!!!

WOW, I can't believe my little Cruzy is
7 months old already (I say that every
month) They say time flies when your
having fun.
Cruz,you light up our lives.
You are the perfect addition to our family.
You are so full of life! You make us laugh
all the time with whatever it is you are doing.
Even when you throw a fit your funny. You
still smile with your whole face (especially
your eyes) and you love daddy, Trev and I
very much. You are very entertained by Trev
but you'll let him have it all at the same time.
Some new things you accomplished as a big
6 month old were so much fun for us to watch.
Some new things are, you sleep through the
night for the most part, we started feeding you
solid food and so far your favorites are sweet
potatoes and bananas. You finally said momma
but your favorite word is still da da. I'm pretty
sure I heard you say bubba the other day!! Your
a little jabber box. I love to listen to you talk.
You'll talk to yourself forever!! You love to wake
us up with a smile and a laugh. You can totally
sit up by yourself now. You love to sit up with a
box of your toys and pull each toy out one by one,
play with it for a minute, then toss it to the side.
It's fun to watch. You want to walk and go like
bubba so bad. If you get fussy, we just stand you
up and you take off walking (holding someones
hand of course) If you really want to get
somewhere, you roll and roll until you get there.
You don't' let much stand in your way. You like
music and love to dance when you hear it.
Mommy slow dances with you and you just
laugh and bounce with excitement every time.
You (or we) discovered you love the jump-
a-roo. Sometimes I think your going to jump
out of the thing. You jump and jump in it and
the whole time you do, you have a huge smile
on your face. Mi mi put you in a walker one day
and of course you took off. You were very happy
to be in the walker because you could go, go.
You also started some big separation anxiety.
You do not want to be left alone to play,
you want to be on mommy's hip all the time.
You will pitch such a fit until someone comes
to pick you up and then if it's not mommy,
you will fuss until I come and get you. No
big deal for me, I know as soon as your mobile
your not going to want to be held much so I'm
soaking up as much as I can. As long
as your with mommy your fantastic!! You
have such a sweet, fun, busy little personality
and your so much fun to watch. We can't wait to
see what cool new things you do this month. Just
do me mommy one favor, don't grow up to fast!!
We love you sugar booger!!!!

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