Sunday, August 1, 2010

mud pies

Yes, I helped Trev make mud pies!!
rolling pen
First pour your water into the dirt
Then spoon some into your bowl, next stir
the mixture really good until consistent.
shape the mud into pie shape. let set for
a little bit, enjoy!!

Now doesn't that look amazing!!
What a great cook

Trev wore mommy's knee high red
boots to Mimi's house friday. He was
so proud of himself that he could walk
in them. Mi mi said he wore them most
of the day. He called them his cowboy boots.
Um, maybe I should go buy him some?

Summer lovin

My favorite pic of Cruz to date!!!
He makes this face a lot and I finally
caught it on camera. He was tired and
letting me know about it.
Cruz is not a fan of the cold water in the pool.

Trev named his dragon lego.
Not a big fan of the cold water in the pool. Trev
was the same way. My boys think they are too
good for a cold pool, they want it heated. lol I
just keep working with Cruz hoping he will
get use to the cold water and play some more.
He loves water so I'm surprised he doesn't
love the little pool. We still have fun in it though.
Wrestling the dragon.
Cruz absolutely loves his swing!! We swing
every chance we get. I love this baby's sweet
smile and sparkling eyes!!
Trev also loves to swing and his learning
to swing himself. Look at that face!!

I swing with Cruz a lot and he has already
learned to hold on to the swings ropes. He
learns faster than any other baby I've been
around. We both hold on to the swing, he lays
on my chest and we swing the day away.

Trevor's friend Isacc came over to play and
they wound up having a sword fight.
What a life!!!
Tryston came over to play one night
and they stripped down to their under-
wear and got in the sprinkler. A favorite
summer time activity at my house. The
boys came in and put dry clothes on.
This is what Tryston picked out to wear...
a long sleeved Halloween shirt paired with
a pair of jeans, both items being 2 sizes too
small. I laughed every time I looked at him.
I offered to pick him out some clothes that
fit but he insisted on wearing that.
Trevor took mommy on a date to see
Toy Story 3. (mommy gave T money to
buy tickets, lifted him up on the counter
and he told the man what tickets he
wanted) It was the best date. We had
popcorn and coke and m&m's. Trev
even wore his soccer shin guards to the
movies. (He insisted!!)
What a stud!!!
I'm not sure what face he is making but
it's cute. We also had mr. transformer
tag along on the date with us.

Bath time is every day in a house full of boys.
They play in the dirt and mud and water and
are all kinds of stinky by the end of day.
We still love costumes (I can't call it dress up,
thats too girlie) so we play superheros. This day
Trev was Peter Pan!! Well, Peter Pan forgot his
pants and underwear. Whoops
We all need to air out every once in a while right
playing peek-a-boo with bubba
I jokingly said to daddy one night we need to
hog tie this boy to get him to be still and daddy
took it literally. He tied little Cruz up with some
neck ties (of course he was joking as well)

Daddy tied him up, I got a couple of pics and we
freed the hog. It was so funny, Cruz actually
was laughing- at first. lol
Out to eat at Orange Mango!!
One VERY HOT night we decided to take
the boys to eat ice cream. You can tell on
their faces they loved it!!

I just thought this was silly

summer pics

Steff and I took some pics if the boys on
dickson street. They turned out really
cute but one if the disc is acting up so I
will have to post the others later.
For now:

We thought these would be cool!

This is going in Cruz's room!! I'll post pics
of it when it's all done.

swim lessons

My friends, The Heafners, are some
amazing people. They are so sweet and are
a family full of swimmers!! They all love to
swim. They do swim lessons at their house in
June. They invited my boys to come!! I missed
sign ups so they found a spot and put us there.
They are the best swim lessons in NWA!! Really,
I heard so many of the moms at practice tell
me their testimonies. I wouldn't want my boys
anywhere else.
First day of swim class. Trevor was put with
Jennifer and Brandon had Cruz.
They are amazing kids.
They taught them to blow bubbles..

Cruz had a blast with Brandon for the
first week of class but the second week
he wanted to nap at the time of class so
he was a little fussy and I got him out of
the pool. But he even would blow bubbles in the
pool by the end of the first week.

Splish splash
they learned how to do the spiderman
crawl. They would hold on to the side of
the wall and crawl around the other set of
Having so much fun!!
by the end of lessons Trev was
the only one in his age group to
move up into the older class. So proud!!
He would "timber" dive, into the pool and
swim to the teacher. It wasn't a far distance but
he was swimming all by himself!! They did such
a great job with all the kids and we will be back
every summer!!!!

9 months

Fun, adventurous, outgoing, busy

These are just a few words to describe you!
You really are so much fun!!! You are never
still even when you are sleeping. You want to
check everything out (the good and the bad)
You are a little curious george. You are very
chatty. You talk and talk. You love to hear
yourself and you challenge yourself to repeat
what we say. You love your brother. You taught
him some good lessons by biting him. He doesn't
pester you near as much therefore you haven't
bitten him in a while. You boys play and get along
pretty well!! You never go play in your room you
head straight for his room. It's much more
interesting in there. You are very fast!!! You can
crawl around this house and have it torn upside
down before i can say Cruz!!! Believe it or not
I sweat trying to keep up with you. You just
cut your 5th and 6th little teethers. in just about
six weeks you cut 6 teeth. Poor little guy!
You still like your bottle especially before you
sleep and you love, love fruit. When I feed you
veggies you gag so I have started mixing your
veggies with some fruit to get you to eat it. You
are very good at expressing exactly what you
want. You like your puffs, cheerios and little
crunchies to snack on. I haven't tried much else
yet. You are the biggest blessing and are the
perfect fit in our family. We love you!!

9 month stats:

Height- 31 "
95th percentile

Weight- 20 pounds 8 ounces
50th percentile

and Dr. Lovell said you are the most talkative
9 month old he's ever seen!!!