Sunday, August 1, 2010

swim lessons

My friends, The Heafners, are some
amazing people. They are so sweet and are
a family full of swimmers!! They all love to
swim. They do swim lessons at their house in
June. They invited my boys to come!! I missed
sign ups so they found a spot and put us there.
They are the best swim lessons in NWA!! Really,
I heard so many of the moms at practice tell
me their testimonies. I wouldn't want my boys
anywhere else.
First day of swim class. Trevor was put with
Jennifer and Brandon had Cruz.
They are amazing kids.
They taught them to blow bubbles..

Cruz had a blast with Brandon for the
first week of class but the second week
he wanted to nap at the time of class so
he was a little fussy and I got him out of
the pool. But he even would blow bubbles in the
pool by the end of the first week.

Splish splash
they learned how to do the spiderman
crawl. They would hold on to the side of
the wall and crawl around the other set of
Having so much fun!!
by the end of lessons Trev was
the only one in his age group to
move up into the older class. So proud!!
He would "timber" dive, into the pool and
swim to the teacher. It wasn't a far distance but
he was swimming all by himself!! They did such
a great job with all the kids and we will be back
every summer!!!!

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