Sunday, August 1, 2010

9 months

Fun, adventurous, outgoing, busy

These are just a few words to describe you!
You really are so much fun!!! You are never
still even when you are sleeping. You want to
check everything out (the good and the bad)
You are a little curious george. You are very
chatty. You talk and talk. You love to hear
yourself and you challenge yourself to repeat
what we say. You love your brother. You taught
him some good lessons by biting him. He doesn't
pester you near as much therefore you haven't
bitten him in a while. You boys play and get along
pretty well!! You never go play in your room you
head straight for his room. It's much more
interesting in there. You are very fast!!! You can
crawl around this house and have it torn upside
down before i can say Cruz!!! Believe it or not
I sweat trying to keep up with you. You just
cut your 5th and 6th little teethers. in just about
six weeks you cut 6 teeth. Poor little guy!
You still like your bottle especially before you
sleep and you love, love fruit. When I feed you
veggies you gag so I have started mixing your
veggies with some fruit to get you to eat it. You
are very good at expressing exactly what you
want. You like your puffs, cheerios and little
crunchies to snack on. I haven't tried much else
yet. You are the biggest blessing and are the
perfect fit in our family. We love you!!

9 month stats:

Height- 31 "
95th percentile

Weight- 20 pounds 8 ounces
50th percentile

and Dr. Lovell said you are the most talkative
9 month old he's ever seen!!!

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