Sunday, December 20, 2009

Random pictures

Choo Choo

We rode the Christmas train again this year.
It's like the polar express train. You wear your
jammers, get hot chocolate and sing carols
and see Santa himself. We had to be in the pic
because Trev didn't want to be with Santa by
himself for some reason but it's a good family
picture. We had a good time riding the train.

I wanted to be in the spirit for the Christmas
train and John and I wear our jammers too!
John, not so much. He said we would be the only
parents to wear jammers but I didn't care. I convinced
him we would be the cool parents and sometimes you have
to get on your kids level so you can really bond with them.
I eventually talked him in to joining us and we had the
best time. I wish I had more excuses to wear my jammers
in public.
P.S- We were the only adults in P.J's. lol

This is a little backward but, on the way back home
the heater went out on the train. We made the boys put
their coats back on and bundle up. The condensation on
the windows froze inside the train. I was scraping ice
off the window so we could see out. Trev does not like to
wear his coat so he wasn't a happy camper about it. He
also wouldn't open his eyes for pics once the lights went
out because the flash of the camera hurt his eyes. Pretty

Told ya.
Cruz has a lot of fun on the train. He smiled and
talked most of the time. He is laughing in this picture.

He is so sweet. I love his personality. He is always
so happy. All we have to do is look at him and he's
smiling at us. He talks already and I know you will
think I'm crazy but he coos out "I'm good" all the time.

Trevor was waving at the cars as we passed them. He was
so excited!!

Finally, proof that Trevor is my child.
Everyone says he looks like his Daddy
but I think he look like his Mommy too!!

How precious!!

Deck the Halls!!!

We picked out our Christmas ornaments for the
year. This is one of my favorite traditions we have
made for our family. Trevor picks out his favorite
one and puts it on the tree. John and I pick one out
together every year and of course got to pick one
for our sweet new baby boy this year. We (or I)
chose the little baby booties for Cruz. They are

Trevor is really into Batman all the
sudden. He picked Batman as his ornament.
Last year he picked out this old brown car.
He loves the demolition derby and this old
ugly brown car looks like a derby car to Trev.
I tried to show him all the cute cartoon ornaments
but he was dead set on the car. It was really funny
and represents the stage he was in at the time.

We had to play with Batman just a little
bit before he put it on the tree.

Trevor had to ask Daddy for help
him get his ornament in the perfect
spot. He is pretty picky just like Daddy.

Hanging up his first Christmas ornament.
It seems just like yesterday.

I LOVE this smile!!!!!

Sweet boys!!

I adore these little sweaters I got for the
boys at Gap. Trevor is very into pirates and
he thinks every time he sees a skull it's a pirate.
For instance the poison control magnet on the
fridge is a pirate magnet and just doesn't understand
why he can't play with it. Silly boy. So when I saw these
pirate sweaters I couldn't pass them up. I knew it would
make his day!! Isn't that what all Mom's live for?

Trev LOVES his little bro. I was a little worried
how he would handle sharing the attention but
he has done amazingly well. In fact, the other day
I was feeding Cruz and Trev kissed his head, leaned
up, put his hand over his heart and said " I always
knew in my heart I wanted a baby". Uh yeah, I got
tears in my eyes and thanked GOD for such wonderful

Love these shoes my friend Julie got for
little man!! Thanks girl!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Doctors and shots and tears....oh my!

My little Cruz had his 2 month check up this week.
Not a big fan of the check ups because that means
we have to get some nasty shots. I hate to see them
cry. Cruz didn't like them at all but recouped pretty
quickly. By the time I got him dressed and in his car
seat he had already fallen asleep. I think it was definitely
harder on momma than him.

My favorite thing about going to check ups is to see
how were growing and boy are we growing. My little
pumpkin is in the 97th percentile on weight and
the 95th on height. He is a monster!!!

He loves to smile, talk and laugh!! In fact, Aunt Tiffany
was talking to him and saying momma. Cruz was trying
to repeat her and was making the "a" sound. He might
be an early talker like his brother. So excited to see him
develop and grow!!!