Sunday, December 20, 2009

Choo Choo

We rode the Christmas train again this year.
It's like the polar express train. You wear your
jammers, get hot chocolate and sing carols
and see Santa himself. We had to be in the pic
because Trev didn't want to be with Santa by
himself for some reason but it's a good family
picture. We had a good time riding the train.

I wanted to be in the spirit for the Christmas
train and John and I wear our jammers too!
John, not so much. He said we would be the only
parents to wear jammers but I didn't care. I convinced
him we would be the cool parents and sometimes you have
to get on your kids level so you can really bond with them.
I eventually talked him in to joining us and we had the
best time. I wish I had more excuses to wear my jammers
in public.
P.S- We were the only adults in P.J's. lol

This is a little backward but, on the way back home
the heater went out on the train. We made the boys put
their coats back on and bundle up. The condensation on
the windows froze inside the train. I was scraping ice
off the window so we could see out. Trev does not like to
wear his coat so he wasn't a happy camper about it. He
also wouldn't open his eyes for pics once the lights went
out because the flash of the camera hurt his eyes. Pretty

Told ya.
Cruz has a lot of fun on the train. He smiled and
talked most of the time. He is laughing in this picture.

He is so sweet. I love his personality. He is always
so happy. All we have to do is look at him and he's
smiling at us. He talks already and I know you will
think I'm crazy but he coos out "I'm good" all the time.

Trevor was waving at the cars as we passed them. He was
so excited!!

Finally, proof that Trevor is my child.
Everyone says he looks like his Daddy
but I think he look like his Mommy too!!

How precious!!