Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sweet boys!!

I adore these little sweaters I got for the
boys at Gap. Trevor is very into pirates and
he thinks every time he sees a skull it's a pirate.
For instance the poison control magnet on the
fridge is a pirate magnet and just doesn't understand
why he can't play with it. Silly boy. So when I saw these
pirate sweaters I couldn't pass them up. I knew it would
make his day!! Isn't that what all Mom's live for?

Trev LOVES his little bro. I was a little worried
how he would handle sharing the attention but
he has done amazingly well. In fact, the other day
I was feeding Cruz and Trev kissed his head, leaned
up, put his hand over his heart and said " I always
knew in my heart I wanted a baby". Uh yeah, I got
tears in my eyes and thanked GOD for such wonderful

Love these shoes my friend Julie got for
little man!! Thanks girl!

1 comment:

Kari Beth said...

love those little sweaters! too stinkin cute! i think baby gap is my favorite store!