Sunday, December 20, 2009

Deck the Halls!!!

We picked out our Christmas ornaments for the
year. This is one of my favorite traditions we have
made for our family. Trevor picks out his favorite
one and puts it on the tree. John and I pick one out
together every year and of course got to pick one
for our sweet new baby boy this year. We (or I)
chose the little baby booties for Cruz. They are

Trevor is really into Batman all the
sudden. He picked Batman as his ornament.
Last year he picked out this old brown car.
He loves the demolition derby and this old
ugly brown car looks like a derby car to Trev.
I tried to show him all the cute cartoon ornaments
but he was dead set on the car. It was really funny
and represents the stage he was in at the time.

We had to play with Batman just a little
bit before he put it on the tree.

Trevor had to ask Daddy for help
him get his ornament in the perfect
spot. He is pretty picky just like Daddy.

Hanging up his first Christmas ornament.
It seems just like yesterday.

I LOVE this smile!!!!!

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