Saturday, April 24, 2010


Easter was amazing!! Easter is one of my favorite
days of the year. What a big day!!!
Also, God gave us Trevor on Easter Sunday 4
years ago. God is so good!!
Cruz had a great first Easter. He went to the
church nursery for the first time and did great.
He enjoyed being around all the family and celebrating
Jesus Christ with us. He is just precious!!!
We went to church, came home and had brunch,hunted
eggs, and played outside. What a beautiful
day!!The boys didn't want to cooperate for pictures at
all today. When T was happy, C was not and when
C was happy, T was not. So here are my Easter pics
of the boys. They are not great but this is us. Oh what
will they be like in a few years?
Trev scooted close to Cruz for the pic and Cruz didn't
want to be touched apparently. So he pushed his brother
away and screamed.and were still not having it....
then trev wasn't having it. Come on boys, just
one picture please.....
Okay, there we go. We had to go play outside
and that made us happy. So this is my Easter
picture of the boys.
Well, at least I got one right?

My sweet baby Cruz on his first Easter!!
So precious.
Couldn't resist the bunny ears. They
are too cute.
I love this face.
and this one.
His little smile always makes me smile.
It's contagious!

Trynity Grace
My Trevor
Love this baby to death!! Since he was
born on Easter I started calling him little
bunny foo foo and I still call him that
sometimes. I'm sure he will love that when
he is 14 years old.
Handsome Tryston.

This is what little Cruzy did during the
Easter egg hunt. Getting up early and
playing at church wore my little guy out.
The Easter bunny was in her robe with
rollers in her hair and 7:20 in the morning
hiding eggs for the kids. Of course a police
officer drove by and got to see her in action.

Trevor was so funny hunting eggs this
year. The Easter bunny hid candy in a
some eggs but not in all of them in hopes
their teeth would remain in their head so
Trev would find an egg, shake it, and if it
didn't have candy in it he threw it back
down. Smart kid!
Sis did such a great job hunting eggs.
She wasn't as picky with her eggs as Trevor
was so she filled up her basket pretty fast.
She was so fun to watch run around in her
pretty dress.
Our sweet friends down the street
The Cartwrights, brought Paige
down to join in the hunt. She had
a great time with all the other kids.
I love her proud smile in this
pic. She is such a sweet girl.

That's a lot of eggs!!
Trevor was already opening his candy
filled eggs to eat some chocolate as if he
hadn't already been sneaking some earlier
that day.

When we got home from church, I was
finishing up my breakfast casserole and
couldn't hear Trev anywhere (and you can
always hear Trevor) so I start looking for him
only to find him already outside getting candy
out of the hidden eggs. Sneaky boy.

We all had so much fun!!

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