Saturday, April 24, 2010

Big day!!

The first weekend March was a super nice day.
So we loaded the boys up and headed to the park.
This was Cruz's first trip to the park. Not long after
he was born it was too cool to take him outside for
a long period of time and it was peak of swine flu
season so we opted to stay inside where I could
Lysol the house every hour. I don't think he knew
what to think about the sun shining so bright.
This was a pretty cold, gray winter so he didn't know
about the sun. He kept his eyes squinted so I found
a pair of Trev's old sunglasses to put on him. Too cute!
I decided since Cruz was sitting up pretty well on
his own I would put him in his stroller by himself
instead of hooking his car seat into the stroller.
Sounds crazy but it was kinda sad to me. It reminded
me how big he is getting. So already a lot of first for one
day. Daddy and I were taking turns playing with Trevor
and watching little man. I was talking to Cruz and he was
just jabbering right back. I said to Daddy he is trying to
so hard to talk and couple of seconds later Cruz said.......
Da Da!!! Oh my goodness, he said his first word!!!
I can't believe it. We were so excited. Daddy especially.
Trevor's first word was Momma so it was only fair that
Cruz's was Da Da. Daddy was on cloud nine.
So it was a BIG day for us:
first trip to park
first time in big boy stroller
first word
Baby Cruz, your getting to big!!!

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