Sunday, April 25, 2010

Trevor's first soccer game

Trev gets to play soccer for the first time this year.
I am so excited you would think he was going to
the Olympics or something. I've always wanted
to have a boy and watch him play sports. Soccer
may not be T's thing but at this age I think he'll
have fun running around and meeting some
new friends.
We play for the Bolts and I love our team. Most of
his team played in the fall so T and 2 other little
boys are the new kids. Everyone made us feel so
comfortable and we even know a couple people
on the team. Our coaches are perfect. They are good
with the kids. Thanks Bolts!!
T only practiced a couple of times before his
first game so I don't think he really knew what
to expect or what was even going on for a while.
It was so cute. We were cheering for him and trying
to coach him a little on the sidelines. We were like
Trev get the ball!!! Kick it in the goal!! Run!!!
After the game though I thought to myself, poor
little guy, for 3 almost 4 years I have taught
him to:
don't take toys away
be polite
use your manners
then I throw the poor kid on a soccer field and tell
him take the ball. I totally contradicted myself.
Trevor had a great time though. He had fun and we
had fun watching him. Daddy and I are so proud!!!
The team huddle! Trev loves this part.
Before the game they all stick their hands
in the huddle together and then yell
"1, 2, 3, Go bolts"

I think T was a little nervous because
he kept putting his hands on his hips
which I don't usually see him do. It was
really cute and funny though.
He would put his hands on his hips and walk
around breathing really heavy like he just ran
a marathon. He is a little bit dramatic. haha

His turn to kick the ball.
Way to go Trevor!!!
This is Savvy!!!
I know her momma from my salon and they
are a precious family. I thought this pic of
her was adorable. She just scored a goal which
she does a lot of. She is an amazing little player.

Go buddy!!!!


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Carolynn said...

How sweet! I love Savvy--she was in my KDO class last year--such a sweetheart from a great family:-)