Friday, June 25, 2010

Hanging out at mimi and poppy's

Poppy is so cool he even lets me drive his truck!!

My family is so blessed to have mimi and poppy!
They are the best grandparents ever!! Mimi keeps
both my boys for me while I work but she also
watches my niece and nephew and my cousin
Amie's little boy Keegan who is only 10 weeks
younger than Cruz! I think mimi is an angel,
a crazy angel for keeping 5 kids ages 5 and
under but non the less she is pretty amazing.
I still don't have a camera so I go through mimi's
pics she takes during the week while mommy
is at work. I love it because I get to see a little
bit of what they did that day.

Cruz and Keegan went for a wagon ride
and had a blast!!
This is Mr. Keegan!! Isn't he a doll!!
Trynity and Trevor!!
Friday they had a dirt fight in mimi's back
yard. Mimi went outside to check on them
and they were throwing dirt on each other.
I'm telling you, what these 3 don't get into!!!

Trynity is a little mother hen. She loves
to help mimi with the babies. The babies
just love her.

Going on a joy ride!!!
I know, he's the cutest little boy ever!!!

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