Monday, July 5, 2010

Fourth of July!!!

I love love the fourth!! The sound, the
smell, the excitement of fireworks is
something my family looks forward to.
This year Trev counted down the days
until firework day. Every day he would
say "only 3 more big naps until fireworks"
and so on. Very cute!! We had a busy fourth
weekend. Friday night hung out with friends.
Saturday we visited my cousin and her family
that were camping out at the lake. It rained
most of the time we were there but it was
actually relaxing. We just sat outside visiting
and watching the rain. Trev and I played in the
rain a little and Cruz got in the lake for the first
time!! He loved it and of course wanted me to
put him down so he could walk around and
play in the water. The kid is fearless (pray for
me please) We told Trev we would camp outside
for the fourth but the weather had other plans. I
didn't want to break his heart and not camp at all
so we moved our campout inside!! My living room
became our camp site!! We moved the furniture back
and pitched the tent!! Rain? no problem! We decided
indoor camping was actually pretty cool. We had air
conditioning, a dry tent, t.v with cable, a working toilet
(including t.p) a refrigerator, aahhh life is good!!
Sunday we had lunch with the family, came back
for naps, and then went to Fireworks at the Crosses!!
It was probably the best firework show I have ever
seen!! Trevor had a blast playing with his cousins
and of course was so excited about the fireworks.
Cruz on the other hand? You never know how a
baby will react to fireworks. They are so loud but
I figured that surely wouldn't be a big deal, he has
Trevor for a brother!! ha ha. He did really good with
the noise. He watched a few fireworks, didn't seem
that impressed so he decided to take a nap!!!
Yes, right in the middle of the firework show, Cruz
falls asleep!! Why is it that he can fall asleep in the
middle of the biggest firework show but he can't
seem to sleep through the night? Can't figure that
one out!! All in all, his first Fourth of July was a
prefect one!!!
Thank you to all the men and women
who have fought and are fighting for
our freedom and giving us a reason
to celebrate Independence day!!

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Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

Glad you guys had a great 4th!