Friday, July 9, 2010

me and my randoms

Crawling around the yard...
ummm, what can I get into?
Oh, a piece of grass looks yummy!!
Okay, I worked really hard to sneak
this piece of grass into my mouth,
I'm not going down without a fight.

Cruz's first wheelbarrow ride
(but not the last)
He loved it!!!

He is so sweet!!
I got this pic from my mom the other
day and had to put it in here. This
was taken a few months ago. Cruz
was only 4 months old. What a thug.
This pic was taken back in march but
it really represents what these three
kiddos do all day!!
Here are Cruz and Keegan!!
I love this pic because it looks like
Amie and I when we were little!!!
I can't wait to watch these two grow up
together like we did.
Hugs and kisses from sissy!

So cute.

This picture was taken at Tryston's family
birthday party in march. Cruz had his party
shirt on!!! He was giving sis lovin. He is so
sweet and I think he's going to be ornery with
a BIG heart. which is just fine by his momma

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