Sunday, June 6, 2010

8 months

Cruz, my sweet baby is 8 months old!!!! I'm
not sure where the time goes, all I know is
that it goes by fast.
Cruz, your such a big boy now!! You accomplished
a lot your 7 th month. You taught yourself how to
wave and say hi! I saw you one day looking at your
hand, opening and closing it (like you were waving to
yourself) while saying hi. It was a big moment for
you. I could see how proud you were by the big smile
on your face. I started feeding you little finger foods
like puffs and lil crunchies by gerber. You really like
them and I think they made you feel like a big boy.
I showed you only once how to pick one up and feed
yourself and you caught right on. Your a little champ!
You've been trying to walk for a couple months now
but I really feel like your very close. You will soon be
walking or crawling, but in the mean time you some
how seem to scoot yourself to what ever it is your
wanting to get into. I can have all your toys around
you and you go for the one thing that your not suppose
to have like, my phone, the remote, any of Trev's toys,
you get the picture. Your always on the go and you
can't even walk yet!! Were in big trouble when you
are mobile. You still love to talk but you come by it
honestly so it's okay, it was totally expected. We love
to hear you jabber. You just love to tell us stories and
love talking to big brother. You'll do anything to get his
attention and make him laugh. The two of you already
have that brotherly relationship, you know, love each
other one minute, hitting each other the next. You laugh
every time I feed you. I don't know what is so funny but
you just crack up. You'll wrinkle your little nose and breath
in and out of it real fast and just laugh so hard at yourself.
Your favorite toy is a character from a cartoon higgly town
heroes. It's a boy with a squirrel on his head and you love
to chew on it. I'll post a picture of you with it soon. It's
goofy. You are in a growing spurt and wake up at 4-4:20
for a bottle every night. Bye bye full night sleep! Your
separation anxiety is getting better although your
favorite place to be is still right by mommy. You become
more fun everyday and I can't wait to see all the new things
you learn this month. Enjoy the ride!!

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