Saturday, January 9, 2010

A letter to Cruz

My sweet little baby. You had me from Hello! I knew you were perfect for me in every way. You were so different from Trevor in the womb. You were so active. I felt you move all the time. I'm not sure you ever slept in there. I would worry if I hadn't felt you move in like 10-15 minutes because you were constantly moving. I'm not sure how you had room to move at all as big as you were. When you were born it was one of the coolest moments of my life. You always had your hands and fingers in your mouth. You were very content with Daddy and I, you would just snuggle up with us and sleep so sound. You are the perfect addition to our family. Bringing you home was a lot of fun. Big bo showed you around your new home. You just fit right in. I could not stop staring at you, in fact I always had a crick in my neck from looking down at you all the time. I was is awe of God's power and love. You would make this really funny little noise right before you got upset as if to warn us, okay guys, I'm fixing to get upset,you better do something about it. It was cute. You are a very happy baby and started smiling very early on and haven't stopped since. You love to be tickled, wiggled and talked to. You just smile and laugh, which makes my whole day. The crazier we are with you the bigger the reaction you give us. When you smile, your eyes smile. They just light up. You talk (coo) all the time. You learned to blow bubbles at 10 weeks old and do it all the time. You still love your fingers and hands, they are always in your mouth. Your a huge fan of your baby Einstein videos. You get very excited when you watch them. You started sleeping through the night around 11 weeks old. We feed you around 11:00-11:30 and you'll sleep til 5:00-6:00. Your so good. You are pretty much always happy unless your fighting sleep. That is your new thing. You fuss to keep yourself up. Your daddy and I laugh at you all the time. Your funny and you don't even mean to be. You love to watch big bo and you smile at him every time see him. He is your favorite form if entertainment. You two are already pretty close. I think your going to be Daddy's boy. You found his voice first, and you smile and talk to him all the time. I have to admit, I get jealous sometimes. I can tell already your pretty independent and a very fast learner. You are the apple of my eye and I love getting to know you better each and everyday.