Thursday, October 29, 2009 seemed like a good idea at the time

We had a play date with my friend Erin
and her two babies Kelsie and Tate.
Kelsie had climbed over the baby gate and was
getting something off the stairs so I asked
her to get down. She listned and climbed back
over the gate empty handed. I turned my back
for a couple of minutes and came back to find
Kelsie's head stuck in the stairs. I figured whatever
she was after on the stairs she was determined
to get and stuck her head in between the rails
to try and reach it. Erin and I tried to get her
head out but were more worried about trying to
keep her calm. We called Kelsie's daddy who was
thankfully just a couple minutes away and told him
we needed help. He came in like a man on a
mission (which he was) broke the rail to get
her out and saved the day. I don't think Kelsie
will be doing that again any time soon.
I couldn't resist a Kodak moment.
We eventually had to flip her over so
her head was facing up to make her
stop trying to pull her head back out.
I kept talking to her about her papa
to keep her calm and actually had
her laughing at one point.

Cruz and Tate just hanging out baggin
some zzzzzz's.

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