Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

My little football players!!
Trevor was a Razorback football player
who refused to wear his helmet.
Helmets, we don't need no stinkin helmets.
Cruz was initially going to be a tiger but
grew out of his costume. He's a little too big
for newborn costumes and a little too small
for 0-6 months. So, we bought a bunting
costume instead. I actually love the way it all
worked out, both my boys as football players.

Mommy and Cruz.
Trevor was way too excited
for any pictures. We really didn't get a lot of
him tonight because we couldn't keep him still.
You pick your battles, right moms.

Okay, were a little tired of all this.

This is what little Cruz wore most
of the day. My little bit's first Halloween.
I thought he was too cute.

Creep on a platter.
This is what Trevor picked out to make
for our guest. We had my family and a
couple friends over for a Halloween dinner.
We had quesadillas and mexican layer dip
with halloween shaped chips I made out of
tortilla shells. No pictures of them but they
were very cute. There was cheese dip and salsa
and another mexican casserole of course our
creep on a platter. He is made with ice cream,
oreos, and cool whip. Our creep was very yummy!!

Here are the kids off to get some candy.
This is Trev and one of our neighbors.
Go hogs!!
My little Ethan was donald duck himself.
He was sooo cute. The costume was very
fitting for him this year because he still
waddles when he walks. He just waddled
around from house to house.
Trevor invited his freind Bentley to come
Trick-or-Treat with us. They were so
excited and had a lot of fun.
Trevor also invited his best friend Maggie.
She told us this is was the best Halloween
I posted these pictures backwards so hang
in there with me. This is Trevor's spaghetti
monster after he "sprinkled" it with
parmesan cheese.
So , I went to the kitchen to fix my plate
and left the parmesan in T's reach.
When I returned to the table, this is
what I found. A mound of cheese on
our spaghetti monster. As soon as I looked
at his plate, he made this face. He covered
his face like oh my, I can't get out of this one.
I made Trev spaghetti with meatball eyes
for dinner friday night. I used tomatoes
for eyes and his fork for a tounge. Trev
got a kick out of this.

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Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

1. Good job on the face painting a couple of posts back!

2. That poor little girl--I can't believe she got her head stuck!!!

3. The kids look adorable in their costumes. I bet Ethan was a doll waddling all over the place. Where was our invitation?? Just kidding! As you know, we were at Aunt CiCi's. Glad you guys had a good Halloween.