Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Holy Cow!!!

Cruz slept last night from 11:30 until 6:00!!!
That's right ladies and gentlemen 7 and 1/2 hours!! I
woke up and freaked out, checking the baby over and
over to make sure he was breathing. I just couldn't
believe it. He is such a good baby. I'm not real sure
what I've done become so blessed. GOD is so GOOD!!
Here are a few pics of the boys for ya!
Cruz at 7 weeks

Cruz at 8 weeks
Trevor trying to sit on his brother, or
as he told me "I was just trying to get
closer to him". Now do you see why I'm
entertained (and on my toes) all day.
Why would I want to do anything else?

Fresh out of the tub
7 weeks
Talking with Mommy
7 weeks

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