Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sleepy time

Cruz looked so cute with his little
hand covering face I couldn't resist
a picture.
Note big brother in the background.
It is Trevor's goal to wake up his brother
when he's sleeping. He does it a very sweet
way because he thinks he's being slick but
I know his sneaky ways. I wasn't born yesterday
little man!
OMG, I sound like my dad.
We took Trevor's bed rail down a few days
ago. I was so worried I would wake up to
him screaming in the middle of the night
but so far this is as close as we've gotten.
Cruz took a nap for the first time in his
own bed!! He really seemed to like it.
It will be a while before I'm ready for him
to sleep in there over night though.

1 comment:

Carolynn said...

They are getting so big! Love the baby bedding, by the way--it's so cute! Caleb was a big baby too--I think he was close to 30lbs by his 1st birthday:-) Thanks for sharing the blog with me--and everyone loved my hair (as usual after I've seen you:-)