Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Money Money Money Money

Trevor has a responsibility chart we do
each week. His responsibilities are:
Clean up your toys
No whining or pouting (his new thing)
Brush your teeth
Be nice
Take a bath
Put clothes away in laundry
If he does all these things Mon-Sun, he gets $5.
We explained all this to him and he says
"Well, I want a check". I also explained we can't
spend a check, we have to cash the check and
turn it into money. He was okay with that as
just as long as he got a check. Sunday we sat down to
talk about all the wonderful things on his chart
and how good of a job he had done. He said okay
I get my check now? We wrote Trevor a check
for $6. Monday I took him to the bank where
he signed the check, I signed under him and he
cashed his first check at the ripe old age of 3.
Hopefully he will understand the value of a
dollar and that you have to earn money, it
doesn't just grow on trees.
Signing the check
Giving me a thumbs up as he
looks for a sucker. Too busy to
look at the camera. Priorities mom.
Putting the money in his wallet along with
his fake cards. The guy who cashed the check
at the bank was wonderful. He played along
with the whole thing and was very sweet to

Money bags!


Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

I still think that is so funny! Those are great pictures of Cruz smiling. What precious boys!!

Jenni Kimpel said...

So funny! It was great to see you yesterday. Your boys are both amazing.

Love ya!
Jenni Kimpel @
Overambitious and Lazy