Wednesday, November 18, 2009

First shampoo

This weekend Trevor needed a haircut so very, very badly.
I usually cut his hair at home but we had to go the
salon anyway so we decided to cut it there to keep some
of the hair out of the house. Trevor still had gel in his
hair from the day before so I had to wash it and he wasn't
very happy about it at all.
The picture is kinda blurry but this is the
face I got when I told Trev we were gonna
shampoo his hair for the first time.
I think this face is so cute. He's gotten very
good at this face since turning the wonderful
age of 3.

Daddy had to hold him down just to get
his head in the bowl. Poor baby!
I thought that after we got started he
would calm down but oh no!
Okay, it's over.
Still pouting.
But I think he is so cute!!
Suckers are magical in my salon!
They make tears disappear.

All done!! That wasn't so bad after all.

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