Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cristmas PJ's are in!!

I had a hard time finding the boys Christmas PJ's that I liked and that matched. I ran across Pajamagram and loved the old school red footed drop seat jammies. A very cute, classic look and a great keepsake. I gave T his early so he can wear them all month long. He liked them so much he wouldn't let me wash them, he wanted to wear them immediately to bed. So cute! I was worried about what he would think since they are footed. He doesn't' normally wear footed PJ's, so I'm thrilled he loves them. YEAH! It's Christmas time!!

T had to call and tell Mimi all about his
new Christmas PJ's and ask her if she
wanted us to buy her some.
The PJ's came with a little doggie in his
own doggie house. T loved his little dog.
His name is PJ and will have LOTS of
friends on Trev's bed to play with.


Lora Nelson said...

Lol! To cute! MiMi can't wait to get her new jammies, just don't ask me to model them. There is no way Santa could miss two handsome boys dressed in such cute jammies. MiMi can't wait to see you both in person wearing them.

Lilly, Matt, and Sara said...

Too cute jammies!!! Cruz is getting some cheeks on him...LOVE it!