Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Say Cheese Cruz

This is the first big smile we've caught on
camera. He was just talking away to Daddy
and smiling up a storm. My heart just melts
when I see those precious smiles. What a cutie.
Cruz is 6 weeks in these pictures.
I took him to the doctor on Friday to check
on his stuffy nose and found out that my
little lineman weighs 12 pounds. Wow!
Healthy little boy.

Here is little Cruz being Mr. Grumpy Gills.
He was tired but I couldn't resist a couple
pictures. He's even cute when he cries.

Here is Cruz in his first 3-6 month
outfit. Yes, I said 3-6 months.
My six week old baby can wear some
3-6 month clothes. Polo runs small so
I've already had to put up his polo 0-3
month clothes and I wasn't ready to do
that. Okay,that was a lie, they are still
in his closet. I just moved them to the back
where they will stay until I'm ready to give
them away.

So Sweet.

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