Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Go Cowboys!!

Everyone who knows us can tell you we
are big Cowboys fans. John had a little something
to do with that! We watch football in my house
all weekend!! Trevor loves it when people paint
their faces and bodies at the games and has
begged me all season to paint him up too! We went
to Halloween Express and bought some face paint
and here you have it. My little Cowboy.

You can't see the Cowboy star on the side of his
cheek. He loved this and we are painting pig
sooie next he said.

Okay, terrible pic of me but I thought it was funny.
John and Trevor told me the Cowboys were losing
because I wasn't wearing my jersey and made me go
put it on. Sexy I know! This was taken like 3 days
before Cruz arrived. Big momma in the house.
Here are my boys watching the game together.
I had to get the pic quick because they are usually
tackling each other or screaming at the t.v. I love to
see them doing things together. Oh- the gloves Trevor is
wearing are his wide receiver gloves. Too cool for school.

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