Saturday, October 17, 2009

Baby Cruz

Here are my sisters and I right after
Cruz was born. I'm so thankful they
were all there.

Cruz came out sucking in his fingers.
You could tell he did it a lot in the womb.
His mouth and fingers went together like
peas and carrots.

Here is big bro meeting his lil bro for the
first time. It was such a special moment
for me and Daddy but a confusing one
for T. We said Trevor, here is your little
brother. He looked over at me and said
He's not in your belly? He was so confused
at first. He didn't want me to stay away
from him in the hospital either. He said
Come on mom, let's go home. When I explained
to him I had to stay there he was pretty upset.
After we got home and settled in, he has done a
great job at being big brother! I'm so proud
of him and love to watch him with Cruz.

I told you he liked his fingers.

Here are the three of us together for the
first time. So proud of our baby.

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