Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Let's Shower Baby Cruz!!

Here is Big Bro enjoying the yummy desserts we had.
The only thing I requested for my shower was to make
dirt. I figured since I'm having two little boys we would
boy the shower out. I better get use to it huh.
p.s- dirt is a yummy dessert made with chocolate
pudding, oreo's, and gummy worms to resemble dirt.

Don't drink the water!!!
I had 3 other prego friends at my shower.
My cousin Amie, my friend Sara and my friend
Kim. We are all having BOYS!!! Can't wait to
have play dates with them.

Me and Big Daddy!! We are so very excited about our
new addition!! We feel very blessed to be have such a
wonderful family. Lots of good things to come.
To God be the glory!!

All my wonderful hostess. Thank you ladies!!!

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