Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

My boys at the pumpkin patch.
It's a tradition in our family to go visit
Right Choices Corn Maze every year.
Sunday we loaded up the boys and headed
out. We had so much fun. Some of our friends
down the street ,Trevor's little girl friend Zoe Grace
and her brother Jackson came with us so it was
double the fun.

I attempted some cute pictures of the
boys together in the wheel barrow however
being at the pumpkin patch for all day
must not have been on Mr. Cruz's agenda.
You mean you want me to be drug around
all day and take pictures, don't think so Mom.

Okay, it took little Trevor FOREVER to pick
out a pumpkin, so mommy had to help find
the perfect one. He was too busy trying to
roll the pumpkins down the hill. Boys will
be boys. But, we had a lot of fun.

This was at the end of day so we were
all pretty tired but I couldn't resist
another family picture.

She thinks my tractors sexy!!!

Here is Trevor and his little friend
Zoe Grace. They have been good buddies
since they were babies. Trevor sings songs
about her if we haven't seen her in awhile.
They are so cute together.
Handsome boys
They have a cow train there that is
pulled by a tractor that moos for the kids.
T rode it last year and talked about all year
so he was very excited to ride again.

Trevor was so excited to ride his horse
Daisy. We are still talking about Daisy.
No son, we are not putting a horse in the
Here we are on a hay ride. It wasn't real
long because of the all the mud we had
a good time. It was my favorite part of
the day.

Cruz enjoyed his first hayride.
Trev and Zoe Grace.

I couldn't resist.

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